1. Expert Tips On How To Make The Best Use Of Tiles For Living Room Floor

    tiles for living room

    You are unlikely to change your home's flooring in a hurry, unlike furniture or décor. Making an intelligent and tasteful decision concerning your home's flooring design is more important.

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  2. Are Ceramic Tiles A Good Option?

    Somany Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic flooring is one of the most favoured flooring options used in homes and offices around the world.

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  3. Are Tile Designs Important For Room Decor?

    somany bedroom floor tiles

    Most homeowners consider tiles to be more decorative than utilitarian. The latter is also a significant factor when it comes to selecting tile designs for your rooms.

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  4. What is the best way to clean kitchen floor tiles?

    Somany Kitchen Floor Tiles

    dirt can quickly accumulate on kitchen walls and floor tiles without realizing it.

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  5. Thinking of a bedroom makeover? Checkout these latest floor tiles for bedroom

    Somany Bedroom Floor Tiles

    Your home is a creative place with lots of colors, patterns, and designs to match the aesthetics

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  6. Feeling monotonous? Check out these latest floor tiles for the bedroom and create a fairyland

    Feeling monotonous? Check out these latest floor tiles for the bedroom and create a fairyland

    "A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at your and create fantasy." - Juan Montoya 

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  7. Checklist for choosing tiles for your home

    Checklist for choosing tiles for your home

    There are far more efficient and cost-friendly options while choosing Tiles for your Home. Check out these pointers to keep in mind while choosing tiles for your House. 

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  8. 8 Common Misconceptions about Floor Tiles

    Floor tiles are an interior decoration item that is gaining in popularity every year. Due to a variety of reasons, they are the preferred material used by many builders now. However, there are several misconceptions about this tile that may cause people to make the wrong decision.

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  9. The Future of Floor Tiles

    On seeing to the developments of the world through the last century, one can imagine how awesome the world would be in next 100 years. The floor tile industry would be a world totally different from now. The floor tiles, considered just a floor decorator would be thoroughly integrated with technology. 

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  10. Tiles for Every Personality: The Arty

    If you identify yourself as an artist, then the one thing that we can instantly agree upon is how much you seek true beauty and aesthetic appeal in almost everything.

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