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Importance of Tile Adhesive: Usage & Its Types

November 02, 2023

Tile adhesive is a crucial material in making sure tiles stay in place. It's like the glue that holds everything together when you're putting up tiles on walls or floors. In this blog, we'll talk about why tile adhesive is important, where you use it, and how SOMANY EZY FIX Tile Adhesive is a trusted adhesive in your construction journey. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, knowing about tile adhesive is essential for successful tile projects that look good and last a long time. Let’s first know what a Tile Adhesive is!

What Is Tile Adhesive?

Tile adhesive is a specially formulated, flexible glue that's used for securely attaching various types of tiles, such as mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, clay, and ceramic (non-vitrified) tiles of different sizes, engineered stones, and all kinds of natural stone tiles, among others. This adhesive enhances the quality of how tiles bond to the surface. It's a readily available mixture of cement, polymers, carefully chosen aggregate particles, and additional additives. Tile adhesive contains special chemicals that reduce shrinkage while providing excellent adhesion and superior strength. It's highly flexible to accommodate temperature and physical movements, and it can be used in both wet and dry areas.

Uses of Tile Adhesive

  • Enhances the flexibility of cement polymer grout: Tile adhesive increases the flexibility of the cement polymer grout, allowing it to adapt to slight movements and prevent cracks.
  • Enhances its strength: By using tile adhesive, the overall strength of the application improves, ensuring a longer lasting and robust tile installation.
  • Boosts water resistance: Tile adhesive enhances the water resistance of the grout, making it less prone to water damage, mold, and deterioration over time.
  • Prevents damage to tiles: The adhesive forms a strong bond between tiles and the substrate, reducing the risk of tiles cracking or becoming loose.
  • Adds extra toughness against abrasion to cement polymer grout: The adhesive's additional toughness shields the grout from wear and tear caused by foot traffic, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the tiled surface.
  • Elevates the compressive strength: Tile adhesive increases the grout's compressive strength, making it more resilient to pressure and ensuring the tiles remain firmly in place.

Types of Tile Adhesives

SOMANY EZY FIX offers an extensive range of tile adhesive according to the guidelines of IS 15477:2019. These are Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, and Type 5. They are categorized based on three main factors: what they're made of (like whether they use dispersion, reactive resin, or cement), how well they perform (whether they're regular or designed for heavy-duty use), and any special qualities they might have (like quick drying or reduced slipping).

  • Type 1: This adhesive is suitable for tiles with an apparent porosity greater than 3%. It is typically used for clay and ceramic (non-vitrified) tiles of small dimensions (up to 300mm x 300mm) and can be applied on various cement-based surfaces like cement plaster, cement concrete, and cement screed.
  • Type 2: Designed for tiles with an apparent porosity of less than 3%, Type 2 adhesive is well-suited for vitrified/fully vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles, all types of stones, dense tiles, and large-sized tiles (greater than 300mm x 300mm). It is particularly suitable for tiles exposed to challenging conditions, such as wet or submerged areas.
  • Type 3: This adhesive is ideal for tiles used on exterior wall substrates like plaster or concrete. It is specifically formulated for a wide range of tiles, including ceramic, clay, basalt, vitrified, glass mosaic, porcelain, and all types of natural stone tiles.
  • Type 4: Besides being suitable for tiles and wall tiles as described in Types 1, 2, and 3, Type 4 adhesive is intended for installation on dry wallboard substrates. It is suitable for most types of stones and tiles, except for metal tiles or engineered stones installed on dry wallboard substrates.
  • Type 5: This adhesive is best suited for all types of tiles, including engineered stones, that will be installed on glass or metallic substrates, such as gridiron, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper.

Explore wide range of “SOMANY EZY FIX Tile Adhesives”

SOMANY EZY FIX Tile Adhesives can balance style and functionality in your space. Here's a quick breakdown of our versatile options

SOMANY EZY FIX SEF 333 is a cement-based tile adhesive for interior floors and walls. It securely bonds ceramic and small format vitrified tiles on floors of any size and ceramic tiles up to 300 x 600 on walls. With its waterproofing capabilities, it ensures durability in spaces up to 8-10 feet in height, making it a versatile choice for a variety of indoor tiling projects.

SOMANY EZY FIX SEF 444 is a high-strength polymer-modified cement-based ISI Tile Adhesive tailored for exterior floors and interior walls. It accommodates large ceramic and vitrified tiles with a maximum size of 800x1600 on floors and up to 600x600 on walls. Its remarkable flexibility and waterproofing make it ideal for areas up to 10-12 feet in height, ensuring durable and reliable tiling solutions.

SOMANY EZY FIX SEF 555 “White Tile Adhesive” is an exceptional choice for interior floor and wall applications, especially when working with transparent body tiles like Italian marble. It offers strong bonding for ceramic and small format vitrified tiles of any size on floors, and for ceramic tiles up to 600x600 and vitrified tiles up to 300x600 on walls, making it versatile for spaces up to 10-12 feet in height.

SOMANY EZY FIX SEF 666 “Tough Bond Tile Adhesive” is designed for interior wall applications. It offers exceptional bonding for large ceramic tiles, with a maximum size of 800x1600, as well as vitrified tiles measuring up to 800x800 or 600x1200. This versatile adhesive ensures a secure and lasting installation for vertical projects with heights ranging from 10 to 12 feet, making it a reliable choice for various interior wall tiling needs.

SOMANY EZY FIX SEF 777 “Elevation Tile Adhesive” is a premium, water-resistant polymer-modified cementitious adhesive ideal for exterior wall applications. It is designed for large ceramic tiles up to 800x1600 and vitrified tiles with sizes ranging from 800x800 to 600x1200. This versatile adhesive ensures secure installations for vertical applications, extending up to heights of 40-50 feet, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of architectural projects.

SOMANY EZY FIX SEF 888 “Limitless Tile & Stone Adhesive” stands out as a premium, water-resistant polymer-modified cementitious adhesive designed for exterior wall applications. It's well-suited for large tiles with dimensions of up to 800x3000, making it ideal for granite, ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified tiles. This versatile adhesive is suitable for window frame cladding as well and is dependable for vertical applications up to heights of 50-80 feet.

SOMANY EZY FIX Glass Mosaic Tile Adhesive is the go-to solution for fixing glass mosaic tiles, granite, and other natural stones on wet surfaces. It's suitable for use in swimming pools, fountains, and bathrooms for underwater installations. This adhesive boasts water resistance and self-curing properties, making it a reliable choice for various tiling needs.

With SOMANY's EZY FIX adhesive solutions, you have the right match for every tile and every space. Let innovation guide your tile projects!


SOMANY EZY FIX is a reputed brand in the adhesive industry, renowned for its unwavering commitment to top-tier quality and outstanding performance. We dedicate considerable resources to research and development to ensure that our adhesives are not only exceptionally durable but also environmentally responsible. Furthermore, our extensive range of adhesives is designed to meet a wide array of requirements, whether you're working on a standard project or tackling a heavy-duty task. If you're seeking reliability, superior performance, and innovative solutions in the realm of tile adhesives, SOMANY EZY FIX is unquestionably a brand you should explore.