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Our Great Values

Exhibiting uncompromising standards of Integrity and ethical conduct.

Our Process Driven approach places a priority on doing right things rightly, in pursuit of achieving our business results.

Keeping People Orientation as a key enabler of Somany, we value and nurture each relationship we create with our employee.

Our commitment to create Stakeholders' Value drives us to set and achieve new milestones everyday.

Sharp sense of Responsiveness, conditioned to navigate our business directions

An Integrated Learning & Performance Culture

Somany Learning University is an institutionalization of all the learning initiatives of Somany with the vision of creating a nurtured and future ready talent. It was established to equip our employees with essential learning interventions in order to become more competitive. Equipped with the archaic as well innovative techniques of L&D, from classroom sessions to e-learning courses- SLU is committed to employees’ development on the go. With the zeal to excel in mind and the learning opportunity at the fingertips, Somanians are assured of excelling in their personal and professional endeavors.

Somany Learning University

We have made our learning platforms and engagements even more exciting for our employees, by converting their individual learning actions into Learning Scores. These learning scores reflect in Annual Performance Portfolio of employees, thereby clearly distinguishing learning and growth-savvy resources in the organization.

Earn while you learn

An Exciting and Enriching Performance Stage


Go Beyond the Impossible !

Samarthya …A unique self- exploration & development journey of business leaders that aims to transform the key business enablers into strategic business partners, who can visualize the future and drive sustainable business success in the fast approaching new world !!!

Meet our Leader

The Making of

Real Heroes

An exclusive growth enabling program for nonpareil sales Ninjas, who have a tough mettle and razor-sharp focus on achieving breakthrough results, amidst all hurdles of their career adventures.

Meet our Ninja

Benefits We Offer at Somany

Crossing the limits of Sharing

Breaking all boundaries of sharing, we provide unique sharing opportunities to employees, which empower them to donate their leaves and extend support to their fellow colleagues in need.

Ongoing Learning opportunity

Through our Technology based learning systems & blended learning modules, we extend learning to the farthest located employee.

Never ending employee Connect

Through our connect-building programs like "Samwad" and "Rendezvous De Alumni", We have created active connected channels to reach our internal and Ex- Employees.

Continued Life support

We ensure continued life support to our employees, through Death Insurance and subsidized mediclaim offerings.

Celebrating Childhood!!!

“Childhood is a celebration of curiosity” Somany celebrates Children’s Day every year, by tapping energy and creativity of children of all ages with colors and canvas. This event aims to excite and encourage children through imagination and art, thereby creating memorable and enriching experiences for them. Somany gives children the canvas to craft their unique thoughts and problem solving ideas, making it more than just a painting competition.


A pre-joining learning treat, offered to feed the learning anxieties and appetite of new joiners, giving them an opportunity to understand and get familiar with Somany, its culture and business practices. With Infobites, we bring a unique learning experience which starts even before an employee joins Somany. After all…… there is no limit of learning and connect !!!


Dedicated to parents, with this book, we choose to promote healthy and effective parenting, because our kids deserve nothing but the best in all aspects of life. The Children’s Day Painting Competition held on 11th November 2017, brought so much talent and beautiful artwork from young minds, that we need to share it with all of you. Parvarish is a blend of this wonderful handiwork of the children of Somany and our contribution to the lives of all the parents of Somany.

Color story

This value-building book is a beautiful memory of Children's Day celebration conducted on 12th Nov, 2016 at Somany. The brimming enthusiasm and excitement of hundreds of children participating in this painting competition, sparked the idea of capturing their magical artworks in this beautiful book, “Color Story”- an inspiring blend of colors and stories. Each art work in this book is contributed by children of our employees, making it a unique reflection of creativity, innocence and originality. With this book, we want to introduce our children to character building values and encourage them to read value-nurturing stories that have been explored in-depth for their effect on impressionable young minds.

HR Sparx: Quarterly Newsfeed

A rejuvenating communication interface that keeps the momentum going by sharing various moments and occasions of happiness across Somany. It reflects energy, passion and liveliness of Somany Parivar.


Santa Baran Mishra

'MFFP@S program (My first footprints@Somany), was a well –structured, insightful orientation experience, which equipped me with all information, domain knowledge and working tools required to initiate my journey with Somany independently and confidently.

Lokendra Pratap Singh

Somany provided the wings to fly high with it's Internal job posting program (IJP), where I found my space to explore more within the organisation.

Amit Singh

Today a door bell rung!! I got my copy of Infobites from Somany, where I am recently selected and gonna join on 1st of October. As I have read my copy…I can say that Infobites is the very first reflection of Somany which I cherished even before I entered the organization. It further strengthened my decision and confidence to join a great learning organization like Somany.

Vivek Malhotra

AWorking at Somany is a great pleasure for me. Somany has given me the opportunity to explore and implement my ideas on Digital Platform in a awesome multicultural environment. The management team is very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are counted in the company planning process. I am proud to be a part of SOMANY PARIVAR.

Senthilkumar B

Being Ninjas itself motivates me to achieve more. As the hunger Ninjas provides me, it can not be describe in words.