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Four simple ways to make your bathroom feel like a Spa

Four simple ways to make your bathroom feel like a Spa

April 10, 2022

Turning your bathroom into a relaxing retreat is easier than you think!

A visit to the spa makes you feel relaxed, soothes your mind, and energizes you. The experience focuses on the serene atmosphere, which is carefully designed to help you relax and escape, and you can easily recreate that comforting atmosphere at home in your bathroom. By adding soothing elements, upgrading fixtures, and reducing clutter, you can have a spa-like bathroom that allows you to reduce stress and relax calmly. It only requires a few simple changes, so you do not have to undertake a large bathroom remodel to a spa in your own home.

Create your serene oasis without breaking your bank account. Learn how to create a spa-like bathroom with these four easy ways.

Use color to create calm

Choose soft, muted colors to create a serene atmosphere. When choosing a color scheme for your bathroom, avoid high-contrast pairs such as black and white or blue and orange, as they are often bold and vibrant rather than serene.
You will find soft, muted colour bathroom wall and floor tiles for your bathroom at Somany Ceramics to make it feel like a spa.
To add to this, they also keep the safety of people in mind as people are prone to falls and accidents in the bathroom, so they have a unique collection of non slip bathroom floor tiles with all the latest patterns.

Include vanity cabinets

Installing Cabinets make it easy to maintain a clean, tidy look a lot in your bathroom. In addition to bathroom cabinets and drawers, bring baskets, mount hooks or shelves, and use the furniture to promote storage and organization. Store similar items together and use smaller containers to divide them into categories if needed. Putting it all in one place makes preparation stress free.

Light up your bathroom with reflective surfaces

Create a bright, airy look by designing your bathroom with shiny reflective surfaces. Heavy mirrors, chrome fixtures, and polished tile add light and brightness to the bathroom, improving your mood. To brighten up a dimly lit bathroom, install additional light fixtures or choose incandescent bulbs, or you can even go for mirrors with led light for dual purposes from Somany Bathware range.

Install the new showerhead

Replacing your original shower head with a more luxurious model is an easy conversion that can turn your everyday shower into a revitalizing experience. Look for features that suit your needs and preferences, such as a massage spray pattern, a handheld component, or a rain shower head that sprays water directly from above. If you have space in your budget, upgrade other bathroom fixtures such as faucets or commodes to a higher quality model such as touchless automation or heated toilet seat.

Without a second thought, if you are looking for the perfect shower that adds up to the luxury of your bathroom and refreshes you, then Somany Bathware is the one to be considered. They have all the latest shower designs with exclusive features to improve your bath experience and give you the perfect soothing spa experience.

Somany Bathware making your dream bathroom come true!

To give a new look to your bathroom and give it a luxurious look feel free to step into your nearest Somany Bathware store or deep dive into its website for getting the best collection for your bathroom, whether it be shower, vanity cabinet, automated taps, or the latest technology-friendly bathroom essentials they got it all.