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Whether you want to restore the beauty of your home or add a new look to your space, tiles are a promising solution. Every room, every surface, and even walls can have a dazzling look with just a small addition of tiles. From vitrified, ceramics, wooden, rustic, glazed, non-glazed, to porcelain, mosaic and other tiles, you can choose from a plethora of options.

If you are looking for the best collection but don't want to break the bank, then Somany is the only destination. Somany Ceramics is one of the best tiles companies in India, helping customers create beautiful spaces with tiles for many years. Check the latest trends, color, styles, textures, and designs in tiles here. Somany Ceramics has something for everyone!

Uncover the possibilities of sophisticated tiles available in multiple finishes and colors.

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Your space reflects your personality; make it impressive. We bring to you an exclusive selection of tiles that are engineered to perfection. Explore designs that make every space memorable.


Our constant drive to innovate has allowed us to develop an assortment of diverse offerings that will make your living space not only beautiful but also more convenient. Some of our more recognizable innovations include VC Shield, Hydrophobic, Temp Shield, and Slip Shield.

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Through constant research & development we have curated an exclusive collection of tiles that suit every style & need. Our products not only make your adobe admirable but also sturdy & substantial. Some of our more recognizable brands include Duragres, Durastone, Vitro, & Ceramics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen tiles come in a variety of colours and finishes, from classic shades to modern patterns. Some popular colours this season include grey, beige, and blush tones.

Living rooms can be enhanced with a variety of tiles such as wooden, elevation, 3D, highlighter, and pattern tiles. By selecting tiles that match your color scheme, you can customize the look and feel of your space. The choice of tile is entirely up to you, allowing you to select the perfect one for your living room.​

Yes, it is! Tiling your kitchen floor is a great way to add a fresh look to your space and make it more appealing. Floor tiles are water-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, so they’re perfect for the kitchen.

You can clean and maintain bedroom tiles by sweeping or vacuuming regularly, mopping with a mild cleaner, and avoiding harsh chemicals.

Floor Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, but their upkeep depends on the type of tile, and the grout used. Some tiles are more durable and stain-resistant than others when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them.

Both ceramic and vitrified tiles are apt for bathrooms as both have low rates of water absorption, are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

To choose the right outdoor tile, you should consider factors such as the climate, the amount of foot traffic the area will receive, the desired style and design, and your budget. Porcelain tiles, for example, are durable, low-maintenance, and suitable for most climates, while natural stone tiles offer a unique and natural look.

There is no hard and fast rule that floor tiles should be lighter or darker than wall tiles. The decision to use lighter or darker tiles for the floor and walls depends on various factors such as personal preference, room size, and lighting. Generally, lighter colour tiles create a more spacious feel, while darker tiles can add depth and cosiness to a room.

The colour of bathroom tiles depends on personal preference and the bathroom's overall aesthetic. Lighter-coloured tiles can make the bathroom appear brighter and more spacious, while darker-coloured tiles can create a more dramatic and sophisticated look. However, it's essential to consider factors such as maintenance and how well the tiles hide dirt and stains. Ultimately, the decision depends on your preference, practicality, and the desired mood of the bathroom.

Tile floors are easy to clean and maintain, but the upkeep depends on the type of tile, and the grout used. Some tiles are more durable and stain-resistant than others when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them.

Bathroom tiles are not entirely waterproof, but they do have a low level of water absorption that allows them to endure splashes, spills, and even standing water without excessive absorption.

Yes, you can use wall tiles in your bedroom as well as on the floor. This can create a cohesive look and is also easy to clean and maintain.

Yes, tiles can be used on both the floor and walls in a bathroom, with wall tiles commonly used as a shower surround or as a decorative accent.

Bedroom tiles has variety of designs, like wood, marble, stone, granite, cement, floral, 3D, mosaic, geometric, and marble, providing ample options to choose from.

Choosing the right size for living room tiles depends on several factors such as the size of the room, the design style, and personal preferences. Larger tiles can make a room feel more modern and sleeker, while smaller tiles can create a more traditional or vintage look. It is also essential to consider the shape of the room and the placement of furniture when selecting tile size.

To clean kitchen tiles, start by sweeping or vacuuming to remove any loose dirt or debris. Next, use a sponge to apply a solution of water & mild detergent to the tiles. Scrub the tiles gently, paying special attention to any stubborn stains. Once the tiles are clean, rinse them thoroughly with clean water.

To avoid slips in the bathroom, opting for tiles with less slippery surfaces, particularly for the floor, is crucial. Tiles that are anti-skid or have a matte finish are ideal for bathroom flooring. In addition to their anti-skid properties, these tiles have low water absorption characteristics, enhancing their durability over time.

Feel free to get creative with your bedroom walls by exploring our range of tile collections. Consider creating a collage of tiles behind your bed with our fully polished pattern designs or adding a touch of fancy with colorful mosaic tiles.

The weather-resistance of outdoor and terrace tiles depends on the type of tile used. Porcelain, and natural stone tiles can be more durable and weather-resistant than other options.

The size of the bathroom tile depends on personal preference and the size of the room. Smaller tiles can make a small bathroom appear larger, while larger tiles can create a bold design statement.

When selecting tiles for an outdoor area, such as exterior walls, it is advisable to choose elevation tiles as they are sturdy and able to endure exposure to various weather conditions.

Tiles are versatile enough to be utilized on both floors and walls in outdoor or terrace areas. Wall tiles are often employed as decorative features or to establish a privacy barrier.

To select kitchen tiles, you must consider factors such as durability, functionality, style and hygiene. It is essential to choose tiles that are easy to clean whether it is a kitchen floor or wall tiles. Consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve, as well as the colour scheme of your kitchen. So, the key to selecting the perfect kitchen tile is to balance practicality with style to create a beautiful and functional space.

The size of the tile depends on factors like size of the room, the desired look, and personal preference. Large tiles can make your room look spacious, while smaller tiles can give you more design options.

Yes, tiles can be used on both the floor and wall in a living room. Wall tiles are commonly used as a backsplash or feature wall.

For a small bedroom, you can consider using large format tiles or lighter colored tiles to create the illusion of more space.

A diverse range of colors and finishes are available for kitchen tiles, spanning from timeless hues to contemporary designs. Your personal style and kitchen decor will determine the choice of color and pattern for the tiles. This season, trendy colors such as grey, beige, and blush tones are popular, while mosaic, geometric, and natural patterns are in demand.

When selecting tiles for your bedroom flooring, it's important to consider your lifestyle. For instance, if you have pets and children, you may want to opt for more durable and easy-to-clean tiles from our Ceramic Floor Tiles Collection. On the other hand, if you prefer an elegant touch, you may want to explore our luxury range of Duragres collection.

Depending upon the usage, some of the most used outdoor tiles come in the thickness of 10mm to 15mm.

Some popular tile options for living rooms include neutral tones such as white, beige, and grey, as well as warmer colors like brown, tan, and cream. Bold and bright colours are also popular and are often used as accents rather than the main colour scheme. Your choice of the tile colour should depend on factors such as the room's size, the room's light, and your desired style.

Bedroom tiles features an extensive range of designs, including wooden, marble, stone, granite, texture, cement, floral, 3D, mosaic, geometric, travertine, onyx, statuario, and plank, providing ample options to choose from.

Some trending kitchen tile styles include Moroccan-inspired tiles, geometric patterned tiles, and large-format tiles. These styles can be used to create various looks, from classic and timeless to modern and bold. It's important to choose a style that complements your kitchen's overall design and aesthetic.

Tiling bathroom floors is an excellent way to revamp your bathrooms. When it comes to the finish of bathroom floor tiles, always go for matt finish tiles as glossy tiles tend to become slippery when wet. You can also check out our range of anti-skid Slip Shield tiles that are perfect for bathroom floors.

The need for waterproofing outdoor tiles will depend on the material of the tiles and the installation location. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are generally water-resistant and do not require additional waterproofing. However, if the tiles are installed in a wet or damp area, such as around a pool or a garden, waterproofing may be necessary to prevent water penetration and damage to the subfloor.

To maintain outdoor tiles, you should sweep or vacuum them regularly, use a pressure washer or hose to clean them off periodically, for stubborn stains and dirt, use a mild cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

To choose the right outdoor tile, you should consider factors such as the climate, the amount of foot traffic the area will receive, the desired style and design, and your budget. Porcelain tiles, for example, are durable, low-maintenance, and suitable for most climates, while natural stone tiles offer a unique and natural look.

To select the right tile, consider the area of application (e.g., bathroom, kitchen, living room), the amount of foot traffic, the size and lighting of the space, and your personal style preferences. It's also important to think about the tile's material, durability, finish, and maintenance requirements.

The best tile size for your home depends on the specific room and its dimensions. Larger tiles can make a small room appear bigger, while smaller tiles are often used for more intricate designs. Common sizes range from small mosaic tiles to large formats like 300x600 mm or even 800x3000 mm for spacious areas.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular choices for wall tiles due to their durability and wide range of designs. Full polished tiles are also a great option for creating a reflective, light-enhancing wall surface, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Vitrified tiles are among the most durable tile options available, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. They are highly resistant to wear and tear, moisture, and temperature changes.

Polished or glazed vitrified tiles, as well as ceramic tiles with aesthetic finishes, are suitable for living rooms or halls. They combine durability with style, offering various design options to complement your decor.

Yes, full-body vitrified tiles are suitable for outdoor use due to their low porosity, high durability, and resistance to temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for patios, decks, and other outdoor areas.

Vitrified tiles are highly waterproof due to their low porosity, making them an excellent choice for areas exposed to water, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

There are several types of tiles, including ​ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified tiles​, each available in various sizes, colors, and textures to suit different applications and design preferences.

Ceramic and vitrified tiles are among the most popular due to their versatility, durability, and wide range of designs. They are suitable for various applications, from residential to commercial spaces.

3D tiles add depth and texture to walls, creating a dynamic and visually appealing space. They are ideal for feature walls and can transform a room by adding character, enhancing the aesthetic appeal, and providing a unique touch to your decor.