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Trending Tiles

Step up your home game with these tile designs that will have your floors and walls trending like never before.​

Living Rooms
We Love

Living room designed for a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for gatherings, lounging and relaxing experiences.

Take a look at the living rooms that made it to the trend list

View Living Rooms We Love
Elmira HL 01 B

Product Used: Elmira HL 01 B

Grande Lucido Mariana Blue

Product Used: Grande Lucido Mariana Blue

Strio Valor AlpineWood Teak

Product Used: Strio Valor AlpineWood Teak

We Love

Lean into pieces and designs that make your space feel unique and personalized.

Check out the most winsome bedrooms of the year:

View Bedroom We Love Collection
Grande Valor Veleta Grey Light FP

Product Used: Grande Valor Veleta Grey Light FP

Strio Valor ModernaWood Wenge

Product Used: Strio Valor ModernaWood Wenge

BassanoWood HL-01

Product Used: BassanoWood HL-01

We Love

Where culinary and craft come together.

Floors, walls, counter-tops, check out recent key looks for kitchen designs:

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Vena Statuario HL 02

Product Used: Vena Statuario HL 02

Vibe Gerzzo Fusion

Product Used: Vibe Gerzzo Fusion

Moroccan Cadin Fusion

Product Used: Moroccan Cadin Fusion

We Love

Peace and privacy never felt so stylish.

Check out the hottest bathrooms trends right here:

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Enorme Eon Lucido Mars Marco Polo

Product Used: Enorme Eon Lucido Mars Marco Polo

Vivo Levigato Aratic HL 01

Product Used: Vivo Levigato Aratic HL 01

Grande Precious Kotwa Black

Product Used: Grande Precious Kotwa Black

Outdoors & Terraces
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Relish your senses with the serenity of scenic outdoors.

View All Outdoors Collection
Valor Met Beige

Product Used: Valor Met Beige

Nasca Gris

Product Used: Nasca Gris

Felsen Brown

Product Used: Felsen Brown

Trending Bathware

Elevate Your Bathing Experience with the latest trends in bathware design and functionality.

We Love

There's something satisfying about creating serene bathrooms.

Give your bathrooms the pampering they deserve with SOMANY Bathware.

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Atria Wall Hung WC

Product Used: Atria Wall Hung WC

Eiffel Plus Art Basin

Product Used: Eiffel Plus Art Basin

Casper Centre Hole Basin Mixer

Product Used: Casper Centre Hole Basin Mixer


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