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Here are the designs of Washbasin & Sinks!

Here are the designs of Washbasin & Sinks!

May 15, 2022

For many homeowners, the bathroom is one of the most relaxing spaces in the house. As a result, they give it the same level of care as the rest of the house when it comes to décor and theme. On the other hand, the bathroom wash basin is an important component that is sometimes disregarded or given insufficient attention. It is an important component because it is practical, long-lasting, and adds aesthetic value to space. Here are the designs of washbasin sinks

Under-counter Washbasins

These wash basin sink are spherical and easy to keep, and they are the most common wash basin style in luxury bathrooms. It is devoid of rims, which accumulate debris and pathogens. Wash basins like these can be found in shopping malls and airports. This small wash basin design is both stylish and useful, with adequate space for accessories such as handwashes and plants.

Wall mount wash basin

As the name says, these basins are attached to the walls via screws. Keep in mind that heavier alternatives will be secured with screws and may not be strong when selecting wall-mounted wash basins. These bathroom basin designs are the most common in Indian homes since they are less expensive than pedestal wash basins.

Sink on the table

This is the most popular wash basin sink, which may be seen in restaurants and multi-family housing. It usually sits on top of a stone, ceramic, or wooden counter and has storage underneath it. The increased storage space is, of course, a benefit of this style of sink. This sort of sink also prevents water from splashing on the counter because it can hold water.

Pedestal wash basin sink

This is unquestionably a classic option. It can also be used to cover the drain and hide the unsightly pipe transporting grey water from the ceramic wash basin. This one is typically made of clay, but you can customize it by etching different patterns and prints onto it. A simple off-white and white pedestal sink, for example, looks old.

All in one ceramic wash basin with countertop

These are the most straightforward solutions on the market. The sink coordinates with the cabinet, which can be used for storage. They are very practical, and the sink can be constructed of porcelain or any other material. They also do not take up much space.

Vessel washbasin sink

It is just a large bowl in which you can wash your hands. There are numerous vessel-style designer sinks on the market. Metal, stone, ceramic, wood, and other materials are used to make them. These sinks are a perfect way to show off the design of the sink and create a statement in your bathroom because they stand totally on top of your countertop.

Choose your wash basin shape based on the interior of your bathroom. Classic wash basins can be used in any modern bathroom, and contemporary wash basin styles can be used in freshly constructed or more traditional bathrooms.