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How to select the best Western Commode for your Bathroom

How to select the best Western Commode for your Bathroom

April 11, 2022

Your bathroom is one of the safe place in your entire home to provide solitude and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to design your bathroom thoughtfully. You can extend the excellent interior design of your home from the colour scheme in your bathroom. To choose items that match comfort and convenience; choose a spacious bathtub that fits well into the interior and a stylish commode that provides ultimate cleanliness.

Considering that the average person spends about 30 minutes in their bathroom every day, keeping it comfortable and aesthetic is important.
However, choosing a suitable western toilet can be challenging considering the different types according to size, height, shape, colour, function, features, material, budget, and many other factors. When looking at different toilets, you should choose the toilet that is more comfortable to use and choose the toilet that suits your interior design and budget.
Therefore, we have compiled a list for you to choose the Western commode for your bathroom.

Style to suit your space

Western toilet are compact and can be both two-piece with seat and tank. Depending on your preference and structure, you can choose an effortless style to use and maintain. There are many toilets, from one-piece toilets to wall-mounted toilets and floor-mounted toilets. One-piece toilet space hanging from the wall and easy to clean and maintain. It is compact and, therefore, faster to install.

Design that compliments the rest of the interior

Your bathroom is an integral part of your home, so you must extend your home's interior theme to your bathroom. You can enhance the luxury by choosing color themes, designs, textures, furniture, and styles that compliment your design.

Look for innovative toilets

A wide range of Western commode is available that improve the style of the space and ease of use. You can choose a water-saving technology-enabled western toilet commode with a high-performance flush system. This will reduce your water consumption and help you live an eco-friendly life by reducing your water bill. You can choose other innovative features like automatic flush, dual flush, high-pressure flush system, etc.

Check out the features

The western toilet nowadays come with a wide variety of amenities for you to choose from.
From soft close seat covers to sophisticated water-saving technology and high-performance flush systems, today's contemporary toilets offer you the ultimate experience. A soft close seat cover ensures the seat is never slammed or dropped. You can also set up an automatic flush with smart technology. Choosing a toilet with a powerful flushing system that helps save water can help you lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
Somany Bathware is one of India's most luxurious bathware brands, designing western toilet. With a wide range of toilets to choose from, including one-piece toilets, wall-hung toilets, and floor-mounted toilets that best suit your needs, style, and space design. Inspired by enhancing the experience in the bathroom, they create luxurious bathware essentials for customers with refined aesthetic tastes.