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How to Incorporate Concealed Flush Tank into a Contemporary Bathroom Design?

How to Incorporate Concealed Flush Tank into a Contemporary Bathroom Design?

June 21, 2023

When it comes to recreating a modern bathroom, every detail matters. Every aspect contributes to the overall appearance and functionality of the room, from the color palette to the fixtures. One often overlooked but essential feature is the flush tank, while traditional exposed tanks can detract from your minimalist design, these flush tanks offer both style and practicality. Let us explore what a concealed flush tank is and how you can seamlessly incorporate it into your modern bathroom design for an elevated look that's sure to impress!

Before we get started, let's clarify what a concealed flush tank is.

What is a Concealed Flush Tank?

A concealed flush tank is a type of toilet tank that is installed behind the bathroom wall rather than being visible on the outside. This design allows for a more streamlined and modern look in your bathroom and free up space.

These flush tanks typically include a flushing mechanism and a water supply pipe hidden behind the wall. When you press the lever or the flush button, it triggers a valve to release water from the tank into the bowl to clean out waste.

How to Incorporate Concealed Flush Tank into Your Bathroom Design?

Here are a few tips to help you incorporate a flush tank into your contemporary bathroom design.

Space Considerations: It's important to take space into account when adding a flush tank to your bathroom design. You must make sure there is enough depth for the tank because it is hidden within the wall. Find out if your bathroom can support a concealed tank without requiring any structural alterations by consulting a qualified plumber or contractor.

Selecting the Right Toilet: An important first step in creating an elegant and modern bathroom decor is selecting the ideal toilet. A concealed toilet cistern often requires a specific toilet bowl, like a wall-hung cistern or a wall-facing cistern, which comes along with a bracket that not only holds the toilet bowl in position but also secures it to carry the weight of the person sitting on the pan. Don't forget to take the toilet's comfort, durability, and water efficiency into account as well.

Wall Finishes and Tiles: Pay close attention to the wall finishes and tiles surrounding the toilet flush tank to create an integrated and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Consider using large format tiles or stone finishes for a classy and rich appearance. To add visual appeal, use textured tiles or colorful patterns. You can enhance your bathroom's contemporary vibe by choosing the appropriate wall finishes and tiles.

Concealed Flush Actuators: The buttons or panels that are used to operate the flush mechanism are called flush actuators. Choose concealed flush actuators as well when it comes to concealed flush tanks. These actuators are made to mix in with the wall perfectly, giving the space a tidy and uncluttered appearance. Look for basic patterns and finishes that go with the overall design of your bathroom.

Lighting and Mirrors: Pay attention to how mirrors and lighting may change the atmosphere in your bathroom. Create a focal point that displays contemporary elegance by incorporating strategic lighting fixtures to highlight the region of the hidden flush tank. The overall contemporary vibe can be improved by strategically placing mirrors to reflect light and provide the illusion of space.

Maintenance and Accessibility: Concealed flush tanks give your bathroom a bit of refinement, but it's also necessary to think about maintenance and accessibility. Ensure that the tank system is easily accessible to a plumber in case repairs or maintenance are necessary. During installation, seek the advice of experts to ensure that all required access panels are in place.

Why Choose SOMANY for Flush Tanks?

Quality and Reliability: SOMANY is committed to delivering high-quality products. When it comes to toilet flush tanks, you can trust us to provide durable and reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

Innovative Designs: We offer a wide range of contemporary designs for flush tanks. Whether you're looking for sleek and minimalist options or unique and eye-catching designs, we have you covered. We stay up to date with the latest trends to ensure your bathroom design is on point.

Extensive Product Range: SOMANY provides a diverse selection of toilet flush tanks to cater to different preferences and bathroom styles. You can find the perfect flush tank to suit your specific needs, from different sizes and shapes to various flush mechanisms.

Established Reputation: With years of industry experience, SOMANY has established a strong reputation for providing reliable and innovative bathroom products. By selecting a reputable company that has long-lasting client satisfaction, you can shop with confidence.

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In short, incorporating a concealed flush tank into a contemporary bathroom design can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a sleek, modern space. SOMANY is a reliable choice due to their emphasis on quality, innovative designs and established reputation. When you choose SOMANY, you can expect a stylish and efficient flush tank that enhances your contemporary bathroom design. So, why wait? Go ahead and embrace the new concealed flush tank trend and enjoy a stylish and functional bathroom!