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Public Toilets in India: An Overview

April 13, 2022

The public bathroom system in India has received a lot of flak. Even the cinema has contributed to bringing attention to the country's deplorable condition of affairs and the people's hardship, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas. Disgusting, filthy, and messy are common adjectives that come to mind when we think of Indian public sanitation.
We may have all been forced to watch this firsthand at some point, and we must have made a pledge to ourselves that we would never subject our bodies to such unsanitary and horrifying situations again, right?
While public toilets, especially toilets with open air male urinal, in India are dirty and unsanitary for both men and women, the physical contact required with such facilities is unhealthier and more dangerous for women.

The Current Scenario

The Sulabh Shauchalaya was a first step toward providing sanitary sanitation facilities. However, it fell short of its objectives. The Prime Minister of India announced the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' in October 2014, with one of its key goals being to eliminate open defecation in India.
The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan revolutionized Indians' perceptions of cleanliness and public areas. Several public and household toilets have been installed across the country as part of this objective. However, the truth is that open defecation continues to be practiced.

Improving the Situation

Combining good purpose with modern technology is a long-term option for providing a safe and sanitary sanitation facility. Building public toilets with current construction techniques can help India achieve its goal of eliminating open defecation. Furthermore, there is an urgent need to raise public awareness about the health dangers associated with open defecation and to implement programs to teach people how to safely use public restrooms and preserve hygiene.
While various NGOs and government agencies run awareness campaigns, their efforts might be bolstered by the building of intelligent sanitation facilities across India. A lot of dilapidated toilets are being refurbished with male urinals. Many experts recommend using prefabricated buildings as an alternative to traditional brick and mortar public bathrooms, which require a lot of upkeep and degrade quickly.

Somany Bathware Doing Its Part

Many individuals would prefer hand washing and hand drying facilities in public restrooms to be sanitary. However, such facilities could be a source of pathogenic bacteria transmission. Every day, many people use your public toilet. As a result, these facilities might become unclean in a brief period. Your staff, visitors, and clients will not want to use the bathroom if it is filthy.
With their Smart Bathroom Range and collection of Male Urinal products, Somany Bathware has quite the ensemble to ensure Swachh Public Bathrooms. Not only that, but they also even have accessories like dispensers to fulfil the hygienic aspect of any public bathroom. When a noble mission like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is doing its part in spreading the proper awareness, Somany is trying to provide the right tools to assist the nation with the same.