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Somany Ceramics Presents An All-New Range Of Smart Sensing Sanitary and Toilet Products

April 01, 2023

Today, smart is the most attractive - smartphones, smart TVs, smart vehicles, and the list goes and on. If everything is getting better by becoming smarter, then why should our sanitary fittings be normal? Whether you are looking for such options for your home or for your commercial space, touchless operations of water outlets is the next best way to save water & prevent infections from spreading. In this blog, we talk about our new range of completely touchless smart sensing solutions for bathrooms and kitchens. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Smart Bathroom Products From Somany Ceramics


Smart faucets with sensor have been around for quite a long while. With technical advancements, faucets have also become smart. Somany makes a wide range of these sensor faucet, from swan neck to wall mount, so you can match your style with your faucets.


Urinals, even though they are rarely seen in houses, they are an important feature of malls, hotels, and restaurants. These are the most effective way of reducing contact, saving water, and keeping things hygienic at all times. The smart urinals work with a laser sensor that detects the presence of a person standing there and engage a flush as soon as the person leaves.

Cisterns and Flush

While urinals are not common in houses, modern homes do love the concept of hidden cisterns for toilets, especially the ones that are wall hung. Somany makescisterns and flushing systems based on smart sensor technology. Working in a similar vein to the urinals, the major aim for these is to create a sleek look while also aiding in keeping things clean without much effort.


Soap and sanitizer dispensers are traditionally equipped with a simple button that you need to press in order to release some amount. Given the current circumstances, Somany has developed a great range of smart soap and hand sanitiser dispensers to be used in homes as well as public places in order to keep things safe, and elegant.

In the current scenario where everything is going contactless, the world of bathroom fittings and washing stations will completely change. Somany Ceramics, with one of the biggest ranges of bathroom and kitchen faucets, alongside other sanitaryware, proudly presents the SmartSense range for the public. Give your space a new look with Somany Ceramics while also keeping everything safe.