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These were the hottest living room wall tile designs in 2021

December 23, 2021

2021 feels like we are in the renaissance for wall tile. A few years ago, the wall tile options were limited compared to what is available nowadays. These wall tile trends set in 2021 will be carried forward in 2022 and continue adding more spunk in styling your home.

Before 2021 comes to an end, we will highlight all the hottest living room wall tile designs this year that you can even use in styling your home in 2022.

1) Patterned Wall Tile

One of the hottest contemporary trends in wall tile that you will see dominating the covers of top interior magazines is patterned wall tiles for the living room. These decorative wall tiles come in many styles, including Retro, Vintage, Chic, Moroccan, Mosaic, Glazed, Non-Glazed, Rustic wall tiles, and more. Using patterned designer tiles for your living room can enhance your décor and move it from drab to fab effortlessly.

These tiles are often made of ceramic and are available in perfectly uniform machine-made designs. You can find designer wall tiles for your home at Somany Ceramics, a leading designer tiles manufacturer company in India. They have many designer tiles to suit all kinds of tastes and are available in superior quality.

2) Stone and Marble look tiles

Marble and natural stone tile is the classic look you will find most often used as a wall tile for living room. By using it, you can give an eye-popping and luxurious- effect to the interiors of your home walls.

Marble tile has been around since ancient times and is an elegant wall tiles design for living room that will never go out of style. If you are looking for a wall tile trend, use in 2021 that will stick to us for a longer time, this is your safest bet. Stick with timeless colors such as greys, beiges, and neutral shades to add to the authenticity of your living space.

3) Wood Look Tiles

Wood-look tiles are one of the key trends of 2021 adapted for living rooms, capturing the beauty of natural timber, and combining it with the durability of porcelain or ceramic tiles. The colour of the wooden tile does not fade, and its finish is well-maintained for several years, so it looks new. Wood wall tiles design for living room are one of wisest trend adapted this year which can be used in the long run to add sophistication to the living space.

By reading these hottest tile trends of 2021, you might be tempted to add one of them to your home to make it gorgeous. Feel free to give it a shot. Have fun with these tile trends and experiment to provide a fresh look to your living space. These tile trends are not fading away with time anytime soon, so you can invest on it freely without any second thoughts.

In 2021, we saw a surge of multiple tile trends emerging and only a few making it to the top. You can find all these trendiest tiles at Somany Ceramics and in exclusive variety at cost-effective prices. You can visit them or look at their website for all beautiful tiles and see more designs, styles, and information related to tiles which you can go for in 2022 based on this year's trends.