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7 Ideas for Creating a Standout Living Room with Large Format Tiles

February 01, 2023

Tiles are a great way to add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and style to any living room. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, tiles can make all the difference in your home decor. The key to making the most out of your tiling project is finding the right combination of colors and patterns that will truly enhance the look of your living room. To get you started, here are some tips and ideas on how to use tiles for your living room to create a unique and beautiful look in your living room. Read on to find out more!

7 Ideas for Creating a Standout Living Room with Large Format Tiles

The living room serves as the hub of the house and is usually where friends and family gather. Tiles can contribute to the construction of a unique living room that is both useful and fashionable. Here are 7 concepts for using tiles to make your living room stand out:

Use Large-Format Tiles: Large-format tiles can contribute to giving your living area a feeling of openness and space. Additionally, they can create a seamless appearance that reduces the visibility of grout lines and streamlines the appearance of your flooring.

Add an Accent Wall Tile: Adding an accent wall tile for your hall is a wonderful way to give it a splash of colour or texture. Create a focal point in the space by using a tile that blends in with your existing decor.

Create a Tile Fireplace Surround: A tile fireplace surround may make your living room feel warmer and more stylish. Use a tile that goes well with your decor to make a stunning and functional fireplace.

Add a Mosaic Tile Rug: Adding a mosaic tiles rug to your living room can be a wonderful way to add colour and texture. To make a distinctive and eye-catching rug, use a mosaic tile with hues that go well with your decor.

Use Textured Tiles: Use textured tiles to give your living room depth and intrigue. Choose a textured tile in a neutral colour that matches your decor to create a textured floor or accent wall.

Add a Tile Backsplash: Create a gorgeous and useful backsplash by using a tile that goes with your decor. A tile backsplash is a wonderful way to add color and texture to your living area.

Use Mix-and-Match Tiles: Using a variety of tiles will help you design a living room that stands out. To make a distinctive and eye-catching floor or accent wall, choose a variety of tiles in complementing colors and patterns.

You may design a unique living space that is both useful and fashionable by thinking outside the box when it comes to employing tiles. Whether you decide to utilize textured tiles, add an accent wall made of tiles, or make a rug out of mosaic tiles, Large Format Tiles may help you design a stunning and useful living room that will not fail to impress.


At Somany, there is truly something amazing for everyone, from traditional ceramic tiles to cutting-edge mosaic patterns! As a well-established brand, Somany is best known for producing high-quality tiles. They offer a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from, making it easier to find the right tiles for your living room. Be creative with your tile selection and don’t forget - have fun with your tile work!