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Which are the best wall tiles for living room?

February 17, 2022

A room with four solid painted walls can be dull or simple, but wall tiles can do more. Wall tiles give a contemporary touch to the living room and a modern style to adapt. Tiles are a beautiful way to add personality and style to the walls in any room in modern Indian houses. With the right play of color, texture, materials, and design, you can customize the walls of your living room in a unique way of your living space, reflecting your fantastic energy and taste.

Through this blog, we will present specially designed wall tiles design for living room ideas to enhance your living room and to imbue life to an Indian living room.

1) Stone Wall tiles for living room:

Make a statement by creating a bold wall with a textured surface. The charismatic effect of stone tiles will add character to your living room. These tiles are versatile in application and can be used anywhere in the house, not just in the living room.

2) Wooden Wall Tiles for living room:

Give your living room a beautiful and unique look with wooden tiles. Wood tiles have infinite designs and come in different shades and patterns. They are moisture-resistant, enhance your living room's look, and can be cleaned easily. Wooden wall tiles for the living room are an excellent choice for your home.

Suppose you want multiple options and different colors of wooden wall tiles for your home. In that case, you can look for it at Somany Ceramics, the best tiles company in India, offering a plethora of wooden tiles for your home. You can even go for their ceramic wood look tiles for easier maintenance than regular wood tiles. The best part about these tiles is that they do not require polishing from time to time.

3) 3D Wall tiles for living room:

The design of 3D Wall tiles can make your living room stand out from all other rooms. They help bring the depth of visibility and new texture to your home. They require minimalistic effort, thus adding new life into your dream home.

4) Marble Wall Tiles for living room:

If your home has high ceilings, you can go for a designer living room with marble tiles to make the place more vibrant. Gorgeous white marble tiles accentuated with lights will make your home look stunning. With the right combination of style, bars, and layouts, you can get a sophisticated and modern Indian home and a chic living room.

Add vivacity to your living room with these wall tiles designed for the living room and give it a fresh look!

The tile design of the living room is all about bringing beauty and elegance to your home. Different types of tiles bring out the uniqueness in your homes. If you want the latest tile designs and patterns for your home, check out the Somany Ceramics website or visit their nearby outlet. The team of experienced designers and experts at Somany Ceramics is always ready to assist you in any way with their tiles collection so that you can design the perfect living room of your dreams. Just reach out to them to give your living room ultra-modern touch and jazz it up!