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From Backsplash to Flooring: SOMANY’S Innovative Applications of Kitchen Tiles

October 23, 2023

The kitchen is one of the most special places of a home where culinary creations come to life, conversations flow, and memories are made. So, the ambiance of the kitchen matters a lot in creating an attractive home. When it comes to designing and decorating the kitchen, the kitchen tiles play a pivotal role in both aesthetics and functionality. These design assets can transform your kitchen into a culinary haven, a gathering space, and a stylish retreat, all in one.

Let's discover the innovative ways of SOMANY’s kitchen tiles and how they can transform your kitchen into a stylish space.

Introducing SOMANY's Exquisite Range of Kitchen Tiles

With more than 5 decades of delivering top-quality tiles experience, SOMANY is a trusted name in the kitchen tile space with an extensive range of styles, materials, colors, and patterns, allowing you to find the ideal tiles that align with your design vision. SOMANY has always believed in delivering the best products to its customers; hence quality and excellence remain the top priority for it. Let's explore some of the trending kitchen tiles that SOMANY offers and can be a visual treat for your kitchen space.

Innovative Kitchen Styling Tips from SOMANY

Captivating Backsplashes add character to the culinary space

Backsplashes are no longer just functional elements; they are opportunities to create a kitchen with character and style. With SOMANY Ceramics' diverse range of tiles, you can create captivating backsplashes that truly stand out. Here are some style tips for you to consider

  • Mosaic Magic: Opt for vibrant mosaic patterns that add an artistic touch to your backsplash. Choose a mix of colors and shapes to create a visually stunning focal point.
  • Subway Sophistication: Choose elegant subway tiles with a twist, such as textured or bevelled edges. These tiles can add depth and dimension to your backsplash while maintaining a classic charm.
  • Floral Elegance: Explore floral tiles that bring the timeless beauty of nature right into your living spaces. These tiles can bring a touch of artisanal beauty to your kitchen, making your backsplash a unique work of art.

Floor It with Style

SOMANY Ceramics offers a wide selection of kitchen floor tiles that can transform your kitchen floor into a stylish masterpiece. Consider these style tips to elevate your kitchen's flooring game:

  • Wood-Look Wonders: Capture the charm and the warmth of hardwood-inspired floor tiles without maintenance by choosing wood-look tiles. These tiles provide the warmth of wood with the durability of tiles.
  • Pattern Play: Try a playful vibe in your kitchen with patterned tiles for the floor. Whether it's geometric shapes or intricate designs, patterned tiles can add a touch of creativity to your space.
  • Homogeneous Look: A homogeneous look and uniform ambience adds the factor of elegance to the kitchen space

Countertop Chic: Tiles as Stylish Countertop Surfaces

When it comes to countertops, SOMANY Ceramics offers both style and practicality in terms of creating chic countertops with these style tips

  • Visual Unity: SOMANY’s countertop tiles create a seamless and sophisticated countertop surface. This choice can enhance the visual continuity of your kitchen.
  • Color Harmony: The variety of colors and finishes at SOMANY ensures you'll find the perfect match to complement the color scheme of your kitchen.
  • Easy Maintenance: SOMANY Tiles are not just durable but also easy to maintain. They require minimum effort to clean, ensuring your countertops always remain stylish and functional.

SOMANY’ Stylish Countertop Applications

Somany provides an extensive selection within the Tech Homogenea and Somany Max ranges. These tiles are distinguished by their 15mm thickness and come in dimensions of 800X2400mm or 800X3000mm. They are particularly well-suited for use in countertop applications, offering a versatile and stylish choice for creating elegant and functional countertops in various settings

Statement Walls: Embracing Creativity Beyond Backsplashes

With SOMANY Ceramics Glosstra Range, you can transform your kitchen's walls into stunning visual statements and create a unique look-

  • Artful Accents:Select eye-catching mosaic tiles to create an accent wall that steals the spotlight. Play with colors and patterns to express your individual style.
  • Texture Drama:Experiment with textured tiles to add depth and drama to your kitchen walls. These tiles can create a tactile and visually appealing backdrop.
  • Feature Wall Finesse:Extend your tile design beyond the backsplash by creating a feature wall. Whether it's with textured, patterned, or large format tiles, this approach can redefine the entire ambiance of your kitchen.

Conclusion: A Culinary Canvas of Creativity

Today, in the design space, various innovative applications of kitchen tiles have transformed the way we view and design our culinary spaces. From enhancing backsplashes to creating statement floors and countertops, tiles offer limitless possibilities for adding charm and functionality to your kitchen.

So, whether you're seeking captivating backsplashes, flooring that makes a statement, stylish countertop surfaces, or artistic accent walls, SOMANY's kitchen floor tiles can instantly ramp up your culinary spaces.

With SOMANY's exceptional collection, you can embark on a journey of creative exploration, turning your kitchen into a culinary canvas where innovation and elegance harmoniously converge.