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Guide to essential bathroom accessories for your modern bathroom design

February 22, 2022

Your bathroom can be your place of solace at times, so make sure you have all the bathroom accessories you need.

The bathroom is probably considered the easiest and least expensive room to refresh and modify, but it is often overlooked and not considered the essential accessories your modern bathroom might need.

It may not be the most attractive room in the house, but both family members and guests mainly use it, so it takes some time and attention to update it to get some fresh items and give it a new look.

So here, through this blog, we are here to guide you for essential bathroom fitting accessories for your modern bathroom design and help you out.

Here we go!

List of essential modern bathroom fittings-

1) Vanity Storage Cabinets

Add a vanity cabinet with multiple shelves or doors and drawers if you have a large bathroom. You can use them to hold everything from towels to storage containers to decorative accents.

2) Toilet Paper Holder

There are many ways to store toilet paper - a basket on the floor, a wall-mounted dispenser, a freestanding paper hanger, and so on. When your roll is low, try to keep the spare roll near where you choose to store your toilet paper. A toilet paper holder might seem a small addition to the bathroom space, but it would help make the bathroom look organized and clutter-free.

3) Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror! The mirror must be in the bathroom, and it is not just about admiring yourself and how beautiful you are. Investing in a large bathroom mirror or installing a small storage cabinet may be of best interest to you.

You can even go for LED Mirror to add a more stylish touch to your bathroom space and ease your skincare routine.

4) Hand soap dispenser

Good hygiene habits are essential, so installing a soap dispenser on your sink so you can wash your hands after using the bathroom.

You can also go for fancy soap dispensers or automatic soap dispensers by Somany Bathware, it is known in India for offering the best modern bathroom fittings to give your bathroom a trendy look.

5) Soap Dish

‘Soap is to the Body What Laughter is to the Soul.’

If you have bar soap or prefer taking bathe with soap in your household, there are several reasons why you should consider getting a soap dish, specifically.

These are just some of the essential modern bathroom fittings you need to add to your bathroom to jazz it up and modify it according to contemporary trends.

If you plan to get all the latest and trendy bathroom fitting accessories for your bathroom space mentioned above, try Somany Bathware, a leading bathroom fitting accessories provider in India and undoubtedly the best. It offers high-quality products and stylish bathroom accessories at cost-friendly prices to add chic to your bathroom interiors and to provide comfort to you.