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5 reasons why you should choose digital tiles for your walls

5 reasons why you should choose digital tiles for your walls

September 01, 2022

All of us want a home that reflects our style and our personality. However, due to the technological restraints, getting such a tile for your home used to be a hassle. Before, there were just a few colours and patterns available for tiles, but thanks to rapid advancements in technology and design, this is no longer the case. Today tiles are offered in a wide range of colours, textures, patterns, and designs. One such brand that offers a wide variety of tiles to suit various preferences and tastes is Somany Ceramics.  

Somany Ceramics has been a market leader for the last 50 years and has constantly come up with wall and floor tiles that can cater to a consumer’s different needs. One such offering from the brand is digital wall tiles.  

What are digital wall tiles?  

Ceramic and vitrified materials, which are often manufactured through digital printing, are used to make digital tiles. The surface of the tiles can now be customized with any design or pattern thanks to digital printing processes. 

Digital wall tiles have been creating a lot of buzz in the industry. If you want to give a special look to your space, digital tiles are the perfect choice.  

Advantages of digital wall tiles 

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose digital tiles for your walls: 

  1. Wide range of designs and patterns: Digital wall tiles are offered in a wide variety of colors, prints and textures. No matter how you may like to style your home, with the help of digital printing, you can always find a tile that can help create a space of your dreams.  
  2. Wide range of available size options: Digital wall tiles are offered in a wide range of sizes to cater to different needs of a consumer. Different sizes have different visual appeal that suits different spaces. For example, large size tiles can help create an impression of spaciousness whereas smaller tiles can lend any space a minimalistic look.  
  3. Value for money: The Digital wall prices are quite reasonable, allowing them to strike a perfect balance of affordability and durability. These tiles are highly durable and last longer, thus helping you save money in the longer run.  
  4. Available in different finishes: Digital wall tiles are offered in several types of finishes. Two of the most common ones include gloss finish tiles and matt finish tiles. While glossy tiles can make rooms look more luminous, matt finish tiles lend a natural look to your space.  
  5. Ease of maintenance: The fact that digital wall tiles require less maintenance in addition to having fantastic textures and fashionable looks is one of its biggest benefits. These tiles can be maintained for years with just routine cleaning and mopping. 


Digital printing is ideal for people who like their spaces to be as stylish as them. Digital tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also simple to maintain and long-lasting. Find the best collection of digital wall tiles and floor tiles on Somany Ceramics.