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This monsoon how can you miss Somany Slip-Shield tiles?

This monsoon how can you miss Somany Slip-Shield tiles?

March 09, 2023

This monsoon how can you miss Somany Slip-Shield tiles?

Somany is familiar with its unique approach to creating trends in the tiling industry. Also, we are well-known for the complete range of tiles with many variants, ‘Slip Shield’ floor tiles being the most revolutionary one.

All info about Anti-Slip tiles

Somany Slip-Shield Tiles are tested and certified by the Ceramic Research Company, Malaysia, which is the foremost independent institution in the world for scientific research of ceramic products. The ‘Slip-Shield’ tiles are the floor tiles in which a coating is applied, which keeps the co-efficient of friction high, even when the surface is damp and soapy. This prevents any possibility of skidding. Also, these tiles do not let dirt accumulate on the surface. The coating also guards the tile against weathering, wear and tear, stains, and scratches, keeping it brand-new as ever and keeping the floor’s sheen remain intact for a lifetime. These anti-skid tiles are curated to meet your need, style, and safety demands. While being highly functional in nature and easy to maintain, these tiles add an extra oomph to your space.

The impeccable Hallmarks

Our wide-ranging collection features unique patterns, fashion-forward colors and different sizes that meet the requirements of any indoor and outdoor space. The timeless designs of these tiles ensure that beauty now comes with the added benefit of safety. Also, available in a range of earthy and vibrant hues – from beige, cream, white, and greys to greens, pinks, maroon, brown and black. These tiles are obtainable in the sizes of 300*300mm & 600*600mm, and, are favored for their great resistance & durability. An ideal choice for kitchen and outdoor expanse which will definitely elevate the look of any space.

One and only Slip-Shield

Opting for a type of floor is by no means uncomplicated, and furthermore, it is even tough to set up for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor flooring where pure aesthetics go hand in hand with detailed technicalities. Our anti-slip tiles do all the work and are a testament to creativity, cutting-edge technology, top quality, and stylish innovation.