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Avoiding these mistakes when buying kitchen tiles that can help you save money

Avoiding these mistakes when buying kitchen tiles that can help you save money

December 22, 2021

Choosing tiles for your kitchen in a home is exciting, as it is the place where you make your breakfast to get a kickstart for the entire day. It is also the only place in your entire home where you find the perfect food or cook food to set your mood. The kitchen plays a significant role in our daily lives, and at home, it is essential to select tiles for the kitchen with meticulous planning to ensure it is perfect, and there is no space for any mistakes.

Floor and wall tiles of the kitchen can make or break a kitchen and getting it wrong can be an expensive mistake to correct.

To help you with tile decision-making and pick from the plethora of kitchen tiles out there, we have pulled together the common mistakes to avoid when buying tiles for your kitchen through this blog.

1) Not ordering enough tiles

Order enough tiles considering wastage and breakages; ordering an extra 10% tiles can save you from committing a mistake and for being on the safer side. In case if you fall short of tiles, different batches of tiles can vary in color, too, so that is why it is even more crucial to get it right from the get-go to prevent any mix-match shades in your kitchen tiles design.

2) Do not throw spare tiles away

As necessary, it is to ensure you have ordered enough tiles, it is essential to save spares as you never know you might need them in the future to cover up any unavoidable damages on kitchen floor tiles or kitchen wall tiles that might occur. If there is any damage or crack, you might have to change just one tile rather than redoing the whole floor for aesthetic purposes, and it will save you a considerable sum of money in the future.

3) Avoid choosing price over quality

Purchasing a lower-cost kitchen tile but the inferior product may save you money initially. However, it will need replacement much quicker than better quality as kitchen wall tiles are prone to damages and stains. Hence, it is essential to invest in tiles easy to maintain and highly durable to save you from future expenses of quick renewal.

4) Not Planning the layout

Planning is an essential part of execution!

Consider the layout of the tiles and how you would like them to appear. Consider all your different kitchen tiles layout ideas first - ideally creating a rough design sketch of your chosen design before fitting anything. This will help you determine how many tile cuts are needed, in turn helping you order the correct number of tiles and saving you from spending extra money.

5) Picking the wrong grout color for fixing tiles

Ensure you have selected a grout product suitable for your tile design. Choosing a grout color might seem unnecessary, but the wrong color or grout space can ruin the overall effect of your kitchen space and its tiles, making it look odd. It might even cost you a heavy amount in the future to fix it, so select the grout color accordingly as per your kitchen tiles.

Avoid these mistakes when buying kitchen tiles to save money, and now you are all set to make a wise decision while choosing tiles for your kitchen.

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