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Our innovative advances, such as the VC Shield, Temp Shield, Slip Shield, and Hydrophobic technology, deliver supreme functionality with features that make your home evolve into a convenient space.



Hydrophobic technology refers to a unique property of materials that repel water molecules. Hydrophobic technology is a process that applies a coating on the tile surface to prevent water absorption. This technology works by creating a barrier that prevents water from penetrating the surface of the tiles, thereby reducing the chances of water damage, staining, and growth of mold or mildew.

The benefits of hydrophobic technology include easier maintenance, longer lifespan, and improved aesthetics due to the prevention of water stains and discoloration.

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Temp Shield

Continuing our tradition of innovation, SOMANY brings to you – Temp Shield. Setting new benchmarks in technology, Temp Shield is a unique curation of heat-resistant tiles that reflect up to 75% of sunlight, resulting in reduced temperatures.

​ Temp Shield tiles are ideal for roofs and sun-facing sides. These tiles reduce room temperature thus help you save on energy bills. Ideal for laying on roofs, pavements, courtyards, balconies, etc. The Temp Shield tile helps beat the heat inside your home. Furthermore, these heat-resistant tiles also help cut down on the Urban Heat Island Effect.

  • Save the Electricity

  • Vertified Body for Prolonge

  • Make Your Indoor Comfortable

  • Reduce the Temperature

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VC Shield

VC Shield Technology provides a protective layer that safeguards tiles from wear and tear, scratches, stains, and weather damage. This remarkable achievement earned the company its first Indian Patent (No. 227692) in 2009, cementing its position as the first ceramic tile company in India to develop such an innovative technology.

  • Frost Resistant

  • Stain Resistance

  • Skid Resistance

  • Easy to Lay​

  • Easy to Clean​

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Slip Shield

Slip Shield is a range of tiles designed to avoid slip and fall incidents in water-prone areas. Coated with a special coating for superior grip, these tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

Somany Slip Shield tiles are stain and blemish resistant, making them highly functional and easy to maintain while giving your design a sense of classic elegance. Even in utility areas, these tiles add a distinctive charm.

The co-efficient of friction range in dry conditions falls under 0.6-0.7 & in wet conditions fall under 0.5-0.6, allowing you to #WalkFearless, always.

  • Anti-Skid

  • Versatile

  • Build Tough

  • Easy to Lay

  • Digital Printing

  • Easy to Clean

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