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Be Winter Ready with SOMANY Water Heaters

Be Winter Ready with SOMANY Water Heaters

February 16, 2024

A steady supply of hot water is essential during the colder months. If you're thinking about either upgrading your current water heater or getting a new one installed, it's important to choose wisely. Today's water heaters are way advanced in terms of technology, safety, and efficiency, so take a moment to explore your options and find the perfect fit for your household needs.

SOMANY has a wide range of water heaters from which you can choose. Let’s explore how SOMANY water heater can make your winter comfortable and worry-free.

Widest Range of Options

SOMANY understands that every household has unique requirements. That's why we offer the widest range of water heaters, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every need. Whether you need a traditional Storage water heater, Instant water heater or Gas water heater, SOMANY has you covered. With SOMANY, you can choose the water heater that best suits your needs. Somany Water Heaters are designed with Triple Shield Technology, providing three layers of protection against wear and tear. They are also coated with Blue Sapphire Enamel for enhanced durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity. Additionally, they feature an insulated body, a thermostat, and a preset thermal cut-out, along with a multifunctional safety valve that ensures energy efficiency and optimal safety.

1. Elise Water Heater- SOMANY's Elise range of water heaters is a class apart, equipped with features to ensure top-notch performance. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Elise range:

  • Splash-Proof Body: The body of Elise water heaters is designed to be splash-proof, providing an added layer of protection against water-related mishaps.
  • Responsive LED Display: The water heater is fitted with a responsive LED display, making it easy to monitor and control the temperature.
  • Anti-Rust & Long-Lasting Life: Elise water heaters are engineered with advanced anti-rust properties, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance.

Diverse Range for Diverse Needs: Electric and Gas Water heaters

The Elise water heater comes in two distinct categories to cater to various requirements:

  • Electric Water Heater - For those who need hot water on demand, the Elise electric water heater range offers two excellent options. The wide range of Elise Electric Storage water heaters comes with digital controls for precise temperature management, giving you easy access to hot water whenever required. Additionally, the Elise Insta models are precisely designed for instant heating, providing hot water without delay.
  • Gas Water Heater - LPG & PNG Variants: Understanding the challenges posed by frequent power outages, Elise offers gas water heaters that operate on LPG and PNG. These variants are especially suitable for areas where power cuts are common, providing a continuous hot water supply even in the absence of electricity. This feature makes Elise gas water heaters a reliable solution in such scenarios, ensuring that your access to hot water remains uninterrupted.

2. Picardy Water Heater- The SOMANY Picardy range of water heaters are equipped with triple shield technology and an inner layer of blue sapphire enamel coating. This ensures durability and corrosion resistance, while their IPX4 certification ensures robust protection against spills and rust, making them a reliable choice for your winter needs.

  • Energy-Efficient: These water heaters are specifically crafted to be energy efficient, providing rapid heating and significant energy savings. This not only helps in reducing your electricity bills but also contributes positively to environmental conservation.
  • Splash-Proof Body: The Picardy water heaters feature a splash-proof body, enhancing their durability and enabling them to withstand everyday wear and tear effectively.
  • Perfect for High-Rise Apartments: Specially suited for high-rise apartments, Picardy water heaters ensure consistent performance despite the challenges of high altitude, like lower atmospheric pressure and potential water supply issues. Their robust construction and reliable heating capability make them a smart choice for such living environments.

Both Elise and Picardy Neo water heaters boast an impressive 8-year warranty on the inner tank, a 4-year warranty on the heating element, and a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Their IPX4 waterproof rating signifies protection against splashing water from any direction, making them a reliable choice even in wet conditions. The IP or Ingress Protection rating system, defined by the international standard (International Electrotechnical Commission) IEC 60529, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. Furthermore, the pressure rating of 8 Mpa ensures they can handle high-pressure environments with ease.

With SOMANY's Elise and Picardy water heaters, you can be well-prepared for winter. These heaters not only provide a reliable source of hot water but also offer a range of features to suit your unique needs. So, stay cozy and comfortable during the winter months with SOMANY's water heaters.