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Why should you pick anti-slip tiles for your bathrooms?

Why should you pick anti-slip tiles for your bathrooms?

February 02, 2023

Did you know that slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries amongst people of all ages? Areas that experience high water exposure often pose a serious risk of slipping.  

Be it a bathroom, a kitchen, or even a balcony; water on the floor exposes you to the risk of injuring yourself. While other types of flooring such as marble and concrete tend to get more slippery when exposed to water and may not be hygienic options, Slip Shield tiles from the house of Somany Ceramics minimize this risk.  

Somany Ceramics as a tile manufacturer has always been on the forefront of innovation and development and one such product of this research is the Slip Shield series. The Slip Shield tiles get a special coating that keeps the co-efficient of friction (ratio of the frictional force resisting the motion of two surfaces in contact to the normal force) high. This helps you take a confident step even in soapy/slippery conditions without the fear of slipping.  

While numerous ceramic tiles manufacturers have come up with their own iterations of anti-skid tiles, what distinguishes Slip Shield from others is the fact that apart from being utilitarian, these tiles are also resistant to blemishes, allowing them to lend a sense of timelessness to any area.  

Here is a comprehensive guide for you as to why you should pick Slip Shield tiles for your bathrooms: 

  • Safety: Bathrooms are mostly characterized by slippery & wet floors which might lead to a slipping accident. The anti-skid properties of Slip Shield tiles help you maintain a firm grip even in such situations and let you take a confident step.  
  • Easy to maintain: The maintenance of bathroom tiles is often considered a tedious task. The constant water exposure and moisture leave a lasting impression on bathroom floor tiles. However, this hassle can be reduced with the help of Slip Shield tiles. These anti-slip tiles from Somany Ceramics do not let dirt accumulate on the surface, hence it needs nothing more than routine cleaning.  
  • Longevity: Somany’s anti-skid tiles are digitally printed and resistant to graze and blemish. This makes them immune to discoloration and fading and keeps them new for years.  
  • Versatility: Slip Shield tiles are available in a wide variety of colours, textures, and patterns to ensure you do not have to compromise on your choice of a perfect bathroom. 
  • Cost: Contrary to popular belief, these anti-slip tiles are incredibly affordable when compared to other options and ensure that they do not strain your budget. 

When it comes to bathroom floor tiles, be sure to pick a tile that offers properties of safety as well as versatility. Thankfully, with Slip Shield tiles you do not need to compromise on any front. Available in popular 300X300mm & 600X600mm sizes, these anti-slip tiles are the perfect tile flooring option for areas that experience high water exposure.