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How to Clean and Maintain Your Ceramic Floor Tiles for a Lasting Shine

How to Clean and Maintain Your Ceramic Floor Tiles for a Lasting Shine

February 20, 2024

Tiles on the floor or walls can greatly enhance the appearance of any room, but maintaining their shine and cleanliness is crucial in keeping your home looking fresh, hygienic, and inviting. Over time, tiles can lose their lustre and develop stains, making them appear worn out.

However, with the proper cleaning methods and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your ceramic tiles remain sparkling and beautiful for years to come.

Here are a few simple yet effective ways you can try to bring the shine back on your tiles:

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential to keep ceramic floor tiles in top condition. Spending a few minutes each day sweeping and mopping can save you hours of cleaning in the future. There is no need for harsh chemicals or specialized cleaning agents – Just use a broom, a bucket of water, and a mop to keep the tiles free from dust and dirt. Vacuuming can also be useful for removing loose debris.

Water Spots and Oil Stains

To prevent water spots from forming, cleaning the tiles with a dry cloth or dry mop after mopping is important. This will help maintain the shine of the ceramic tiles. Additionally, it's crucial to tackle stains promptly. Oil spills and other stains should be cleaned immediately to prevent permanent damage. However, avoid using harsh chemicals or metal brushes as they can damage the tiles. Seek expert help for tough stains that cannot be removed with regular cleaning methods.

DIY Vinegar Shine

Vinegar is a fantastic natural cleaning agent that can effectively remove stains and restore the shine of ceramic tiles. Create your own DIY vinegar cleaner by mixing ½ cup of white vinegar with a bucket of water. Use a mop dipped in the solution to clean the tiles, moving back and forth. However, be cautious as, vinegar may not be suitable for all types of tiles, such as natural stone or marble, due to its acidity.

Try Baking Soda

Another effective cleaning solution for ceramic floor tiles is a blend of baking soda and white vinegar. Add equal parts of both ingredients in a warm water bucket and add a tablespoon of liquid dishwasher for extra cleaning power. You can also add a few drops of fragrance oil for a pleasant fragrance. Use a soft sponge or brush to clean the tiles, avoiding hard brushes or scrubbing materials. After cleaning, make sure to thoroughly wipe away any residue of baking soda to prevent a powdery appearance on the tiles.

Grout Cleaning is a Must

In addition to regular cleaning, it's important to pay attention to the grout between the ceramic tiles. Clean grout not only enhances the appearance of the tiles but also prevents the growth of mould and mildew. A paste of baking soda and water or a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water works well for cleaning grout. Use a gentle toothbrush to scrub the grout and remove any stains.

SOMANY Ezy Clean - The Expert Cleaning Solution

SOMANY Ceramics isn't just about stunning ceramic tiles. We've got your back when it comes to keeping your tiles clean and shiny with SOMANY Ezy Clean. SOMANY Ezy Clean is an essential cleaning solution that can effortlessly restore the shine and cleanliness of your ceramic tiles. This fast-acting, acid-based, powerful cleaner is perfect for daily maintenance and can also be used on acid-resistant surfaces. Designed to remove cementitious grout, adhesive residues, hard water deposits, and stubborn stains, SOMANY Ezy Clean is your go-to solution for maintaining the beauty and shine of your ceramic floor tiles.

How To Use:

  • For regular cleaning, simply dilute two caps full of the cleaner in a 4-liter water bucket and gently mop the surface. This will leave you with a clean and shiny result.
  • For tougher stains, wax, oil, grease, or cement stains, you can use the undiluted cleaner. Just pour it on the affected surface, leave it for five minutes, and then mop it properly to achieve the best results.

With SOMANY Ezy Clean, maintaining the beauty and shine of your ceramic tiles has never been easier. Try SOMANY Ezy Clean into your regular cleaning routine once and experience the effortless maintenance and lasting shine it brings to your floor and wall tiles.


Maintaining the shine and cleanliness of your ceramic floor tiles doesn't have to be a challenging task. By following these cleaning tips and incorporating SOMANY EZY Clean Solution into your regular cleaning routine, you can enjoy beautiful and spotless floors that eventually contribute to the overall aesthetics of your dream home.

Additionally, welcome SOMANY Ceramics' easy-to-maintain tiles into your space to get that extra free time for yourself, as maintenance is not a task with them.

For a vast selection of ceramic tiles that are both visually appealing and low maintenance, explore SOMANY Ceramics' catalogue and transform your space with style and durability.