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Reasons why you should ditch paint and go for kitchen wall tiles instead

February 16, 2022

While the low material and labor costs can make paint and wallpaper seem appealing but in the long run, using wall tiles for the kitchen is the sensible option.

Before kitchen remodeling or designing it, weighing up the costs can make choosing between tiles, paint, and wallpaper often seem like a challenge. That is why through this blog post, we are taking a closer look at why to ditch wall paint and go for wall tiles. So, you can now go for a touch of class and practicality into your interior design project with confidence and add some glamour to your kitchen by making a wise decision.

Why choose wall tiles for the kitchen?

1) The ease of quality

Spills and stains are an inevitable part of kitchen space, and that means it is vital that the ease of cleaning is factored into the interior design of domestic areas like the kitchen. Scuff marks and unsightly stains can instantly detract from the overall harmony of a room, and recoating the walls in paint or wallpaper will always come with additional costs. A tiled wall will always be easier to clean than paint or wallpaper.

You can go for Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain, or Vitrified tiles by Somany Ceramics for your kitchen. They are stain-resistant and have water-resistant quality, making them a convenient choice for the kitchen.

2) Long durability

Wall paint is tough to clean and maintain, so the enduring and resilience quality of kitchen wall tiles will be more cost-effective in the long run and long-lasting for the kitchen walls than wall paint.

3) Versatility Wall tiles for the kitchen are available in various styles, designs, and patterns to complement every style update you want for your kitchen interior.

4) The waterproof finish

When it comes to designing a kitchen, the function of the space should always be a critical consideration. You can wipe down your kitchen wall tiles with a damp cloth and some cleaning product and have them look new, which is not possible in the case of wall paint. In-wall paint or wallpaper, maintaining the cleanliness or removing spots might get tedious.

5) The high-quality effect

From polished porcelain to natural stone wall tiles, the endless list of design options means that whatever style of tile you choose, your kitchen walls are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Ending here, when it comes to choosing between tile, paint, and wallpaper, wall tiles for the kitchen will always have the edge.

You can find the best designer kitchen wall tiles of superior quality for your kitchen at Somany Ceramics, the best tiles company in India. It is known in India for offering wide range of tiles to match your taste and décor of any space.