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What is the best way to clean kitchen floor tiles?

January 30, 2023

From cooking and prepping to making new dishes, dirt can quickly accumulate on kitchen walls and floor tiles without realizing it. However, you can keep your kitchen tiles looking clean and glossy with the proper cleaning technique and tips.

Worrying about your Kitchen tiles do not worry! We are here to tell you the best ways to make them look cleaner and shiner. We all want to keep our kitchen look healthy and pretty, so we will mention the best ways to clean your kitchen tiles in this blog. Tile floors can endure forever. Compared to other tiles, floor tiles are easy to maintain. Let's look at how you can keep the kitchen floor tiles clean.

Things you need to clean your Kitchen Tiles

  • Broom or vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Dry cloth
  • All-purpose cleaner or dish soap
  • Warm water

How to clean your kitchen floor tiles?

  • Sweep or vacuum your Kitchen tiles regularly to not get dull with the dust. Clean kitchen tile with mild detergent and warm water using a rag cloth or simple sponge.
  • If your kitchen tiles are getting discolored, Use the tile cleaner for the stain, leave it for some time, and then wipe it off the rag.
  • Spray the grout with a cleaner specifically for grout, let it do its action for a few minutes, and then rinse or wipe it off with a mop.
  • You can also use a wet vacuum cleaner to make your kitchen tiles shine and look new. Mix the tile cleaner with warm water, spray it on tiles, and clean it with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Kitchen Marble tiles are beautiful but require tender care; avoid cleaning them with anything that has an acidic PH level. Tile Cleaners containing lemon or vinegar should be avoided. Simply use warm water and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

It's your kitchen help keep it "CLEAN"!

Keep these tips handy to keep the shine of your kitchen tiles in the long run.

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