1. What is the best way to clean kitchen floor tiles?

    Somany Kitchen Floor Tiles

    dirt can quickly accumulate on kitchen walls and floor tiles without realizing it.

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  2. Thinking of a bedroom makeover? Checkout these latest floor tiles for bedroom

    Somany Bedroom Floor Tiles

    Your home is a creative place with lots of colors, patterns, and designs to match the aesthetics

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  3. Checklist for choosing tiles for your home

    Checklist for choosing tiles for your home

    There are far more efficient and cost-friendly options while choosing Tiles for your Home. Check out these pointers to keep in mind while choosing tiles for your House. 

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  4. Experts Tips to Furnish a Small Bathroom to Make It Look Spacious & Glam!

    With limited bathroom space, sometimes home owners face a lot of challenges and couldn’t find the best solution to make it look bigger. Are you too among them? Well, this blog has the solution to your query. So, do not miss reading it.

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  5. Reinventing Tiles with Glosstra wall tiles

    The importance of tiles are well known, they add allure to the living spaces, be it homes, offices, hotels or commercial complexes. Technological advancements and creativity in designs have only added numerous choices to it. 

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  6. Latest Tile Trends, Innovations and Latest Manufacturing Technologies in India

    Earlier Tiles were majorly used as decorative products but now as tiles are changing, consumer preferences are evolving manifold. Now tiles are functionally as well as aesthetically advanced. Today, we have tiles which specialise in various aspects such as slip-resistance for bathrooms and swimming pool areas. 

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  7. 8 Common Misconceptions about Floor Tiles

    Floor tiles are an interior decoration item that is gaining in popularity every year. Due to a variety of reasons, they are the preferred material used by many builders now. However, there are several misconceptions about this tile that may cause people to make the wrong decision.

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  8. The Future of Floor Tiles

    On seeing to the developments of the world through the last century, one can imagine how awesome the world would be in next 100 years. The floor tile industry would be a world totally different from now. The floor tiles, considered just a floor decorator would be thoroughly integrated with technology. 

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  9. How to choose the best Bathroom tiles?

    How to know what tile is going to be the best for your bathroom? This might seem like a very simple thing but can get you very confused as there are just so many options to choose from. Choosing the perfect colour, texture, and material need a lot of thinking as each can have a huge effect on the final result of how the house will look like. 

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  10. Choosing the perfect Bathroom tiles

    Sometimes the smallest decision can alter a huge deal in your house and your life. Now the question comes, how do I know what tile will be perfect for my bathroom? Are these the ones which just look pretty? And the most important question does higher the price, better the quality equation really work?

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