Applications of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are a widely used material in interior decoration, both due to their low cost and aesthetic look. Generally made from a mixture of red or white clay and other products, these tiles are then glazed. This glaze adds durability to the tile, and is responsible for the colour and pattern of the tile. Ceramic tiles are thus mainly used for decorative purposes and in areas with low traffic density. Applications of these tiles include -

Flooring - The major use of ceramic tiles is in flooring, and most residential buildings prefer to use ceramic tiles in apartments. The low cost, ease of application and large variety of shapes and sizes available makes them ideal for this purpose.

Walls - Ceramic tiles can also be used on walls, whether they are internal or external. On internal walls, they can be used to make patterns or quickly change the colour of a room; while on external walls they can be used to provide a cooling effect, since they do not absorb heat. This is especially beneficial during summer months.

Kitchen Counters : Ceramic tiles are also a good choice for counter tops, since the glaze generally makes them water and stain resistant, and they can be cleaned very easily. However, these tiles are prone to chipping so care must be taken.

Patios - Here again, the large variety of colours and patterns available, and the relative cheapness compared to stone tiles make ceramic tiles a popular choice. Also, their water resistant properties allow them to be more durable and long lasting in wet climates, care should be taken to prevent water buildup however.

Walkways - Paths through gardens and parks are also generally made out of ceramic tiles due to the multitude of patterns available in the market, allowing the pathways to be refreshing and non-repetitive.

Certain types of ceramic tiles are designed with specific purposes in mind, so care should be taken to verify that the tile you are purchasing is suitable for your purpose. For example, ceramic tiles designed for interior use are generally softer and less durable than the outdoor varieties so make sure you know what you are purchasing.