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  1. You Should Know These Tips for Grouting Your Tiles

    waterproof grout

    Before you start grouting your tiles, you'll need to do a fast clean-up, but only after the tile glue has dried and has a solid grip on the tiles. It's a good idea to double-check the manufacturer's drying times.

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  2. Public Toilets in India: An Overview

    male urinal

    The public bathroom system in India has received a lot of flak. Even the cinema has contributed to bringing attention to the country's deplorable condition of affairs and the people's hardship, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas.

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  3. What Benefits Can a Toilet with Concealed Flush Tank Bring You?

    toilet flush tank

    The bathroom is one of the most important aspects of any home; therefore, you should think of every conceivable way to make it comfortable and extremely useful, elegant, and roomy. Investing in high-tech equipment such as concealed flush tanks is a better decision today. 

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  4. How to select the best Western Commode for your Bathroom

    western toilet

    Your bathroom is one of the safe place in your entire home to provide solitude and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to design your bathroom thoughtfully. You can extend the excellent interior design of your home from the colour scheme in your bathroom

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  5. Four simple ways to make your bathroom feel like a Spa

    bathroom tiles

    A visit to the spa makes you feel relaxed, soothes your mind, and energizes you. The experience focuses on the serene atmosphere, which is carefully designed to help you relax and escape, and you can easily recreate that comforting atmosphere at home in your bathroom.

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  6. Expert Tips On How To Make The Best Use Of Tiles For Living Room Floor

    tiles for living room

    You are unlikely to change your home's flooring in a hurry, unlike furniture or décor. Making an intelligent and tasteful decision concerning your home's flooring design is more important.

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  7. Are Ceramic Tiles A Good Option?

    Somany Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic flooring is one of the most favoured flooring options used in homes and offices around the world.

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  8. Are Tile Designs Important For Room Decor?

    somany bedroom floor tiles

    Most homeowners consider tiles to be more decorative than utilitarian. The latter is also a significant factor when it comes to selecting tile designs for your rooms.

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  9. Top five tips for choosing the best wall tiles for the Heart of the Home: “Kitchen”

    Somany Kitchen Wall Tiles

    Top five tips to help you choose the best wall tile for your heart of the home! 

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  10. Trends to consider while deciding on faucets to give you an ultra-modern touch to give your bathroom

    Somany Bathroom Faucets

    When choosing a faucet to style your bathroom, we present to you the latest bathroom faucets trends to follow on this year

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