Proper Ways to Install Tiles At Home

Installing tiles at home is not an easy task for everyone. It takes a professional experience and diligence to install tiles perfectly at home. But most of the DIYers believe in taking these tasks in their hands and they plan to go further with some ideas. While installing tiles, it takes a creative mind-set to select the pattern and design but when it comes to the technical aspects just putting it on the wet concrete is a total misconception. It takes a huge labour and temperament to install a ceramic tile on the floor. However, tiles come in handy packaging and they are easy to transport and adopt into lifestyle in comparison to concrete and granite but it takes a great labour to apply it.

  • It is not mandatory that the technique of applying tiles is confined only for experts; some home owners learn this to keep a check on the labour working in their homes. Sometimes it is possible that the working labour can work in an unprofessional manner just to wind up the construction and due to lack of proper application, tiles  can break, chip or even they can collapse while moving heavy furniture.

  • It is important to know the basic idea of applying tile on the floor, it is mandatory to install ceramic tile over a subfloor which is less than 1 1/8 inches thick. A slight bubble gap between the tiles can easily chip off the corner and it can damage the whole look of the tile.
  • When tiles are applied on the floor it is mandatory to leave the space alienated for few hours. So it’s better to start from the corner and end it on the place from where you can easily move without disrupting the position and alignment.

  • This is the most important way to adjust tiles in a symmetrical manner. It is not possible to adjust the tiles as it is on the floor, sometimes tiles need a proper furnishing and bound cuts to adjust them on the small spaces. Just cut them accordingly and when you’re satisfied with its looks, adjust them on the floor and corners accordingly. This task can be performed by diamond tipped saw which is really sharp from the edges.

  • Throwing away the leftover tiles edges is not a smart move while constructing a home. Professionally sound workers save these corners and strips for future use and they can be easily used to fill the gap of corners of the wall.