Segmentation of Tiles Industry

The organised sector share in values terms is slowly increasing compared to unorganised sector as Somany Ceramics is taking more and more unorganised players in their fold by either doing a joint venture with them or doing a simple contract manufacturing agreement.

Development of Eco-friendly products and techniques

Like every other industry , the ceramics industry must also develop environmentally sustainable products. The demand for green tiles is on the rise and will further go up in the near future. We at Somany Ceramics are also doing our bit by utilising resources recycling heat and power. The machinery at Somany Ceramics is capable the waste heat which is emitted through the captive power generators. The trapped heat is then recycled and used for various other productive measures. We also practice waste recycling, that includes material or energy, making tile manufacturing a green process. In addition to the manufacturing process, tiles are also easy to clean and do not absorb or release unpleasant odour.

Other new technologies are being used to help create eco-friendly tiles such as Anti-bacterial tiles. These are manufactured by using the anti-bacterial technology, which kills the germs, hence giving a germ-free environment. These tiles significantly cut some of the most polluting agents present in the air and also reduce the odour in the air.

Problems in  Tile Laying

The non-availability of skilled and trained masons is an area of concern in the tiling industry. There needs to be a structured framework which should be followed masons all over India, before practising their work. Somany has started a Tile Master Programme with the purpose of enhancing tile laying skills of masons which increases their productivity. The participants undergo a training module on how to lay tiles in a specialised way, using efficient tools that save time and material. The aim of running this programme is to empower the youth with a skill, which has a potential of becoming a means of livelihood.