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    Floor tiling is an extraordinary decision for your home, from family rooms to kitchens and restrooms. When you've picked the correct floor, your home will look well-finished and enchanting. Here are the most widely recognized kinds of floor tiles to enable you to pick the best kitchen tiles to utilize.

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    As the bathroom continues to be the top renovation priority among homeowners, people are seeking sleek and modern designs that will add value to their homes, and also make their bathrooms appear bigger. 

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    Update your home with these tiles, Here are the 5 fun ways to incorporate tiles in your home.

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    Ever envisioned a collection of bath fittings so exquisite that you need to design the bathroom to suit it? Somany Bathware brings to you its latest range

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    Do you remember the first time you walked into a house that was floored with beautiful brown wooden tiles? 

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    You have a new tile floor, and it’s gleaming and gorgeous. Here are list of tips that can help you maintain your floor for years to come.

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    Adopt these habits and your toilet, shower, wash basin, and sink will always sparkle.

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    The importance of tiles are well known, they add allure to the living spaces, be it homes, offices, hotels or commercial complexes. Technological advancements and creativity in designs have only added numerous choices to it. 

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    Earlier Tiles were majorly used as decorative products but now as tiles are changing, consumer preferences are evolving manifold. Now tiles are functionally as well as aesthetically advanced. Today, we have tiles which specialise in various aspects such as slip-resistance for bathrooms and swimming pool areas. 

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    Ceramic Tiles are a widely used material in interior decoration, both due to their low cost and aesthetic look. Generally made from a mixture of red or white clay and other products, these tiles are then glazed. This glaze adds durability to the tile, and is responsible for the colour and pattern of the tile.

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