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Wall Claddings : A Valuable Asset In Remodeling Your House

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As a wall decoration option, there is no shortage of ideas. We have tiles, wallpaper and claddings as mainstream options, with more unorthodox ones also available. However, claddings are not as popular as the other options mainly because of a lack of knowledge about them. This blog aims to rectify that and address the issue of wall claddings as a good decorative choice. Wall Tiles Cladding was originally developed as a method to change the texture of a wall, that is, make it look like it was built from a material other than the one actually used. Mainly used as a remodeling tool, it soon was bestowed with other properties, like insulation and waterproofing. It is still used mainly as a non structural element, so it cannot sustain loads of any kind, but has evolved to be more versatile.

Claddings can be of many materials, but the most common are generally stones and composite materials, since these are the most preferred textures. Generally, wall claddings are used sparingly in projects, usually to change a single wall in a room. The main purpose of cladding is to create an illusion of something which is not there, either by adding a wall made of artificial material or layering over existing walls. This illusion works best when used sparingly. Wall Cladding While cladding is nowhere near as popular as other mainstream options, it is gaining in popularity simply because of its cost effective nature. The ability to seemingly replace a wall without actually having to tear it down is a valuable asset to remodelers and as such cladding is sure to keep growing in popularity over time.

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On September 3, 2014
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