Tile Master

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Setting The Standard:

Be a Total Solutions Provider in the tile industry with your own professional team of Tile Setters or become an expert in tile setting yourself with the unique Tile Master program brought to you by Somany. Your team will see tremendous improvement in standards and efficiency, understanding tile setting in totality and also have a better earning potential and high credibility.

You will also be able to bring down rejection costs in terms of tiles, mortars, adhesives and grouts. This will help you to provide your customers with a one stop solution and a hassle free experience from tile selection to perfect laying.


Getting set in Your customers mind-

The new age customer looks for total solutions in tiling rather than just the product itself, hence products without a service back up or solution has no future. Often expensive tiles appear unimpressive because of faulty setting. In fact when you are assisting the entire tile selecting and setting process, your product is bound to be far superior than your competitor’s and can even fetch a premium price. Thus, iron out your competition by having your own tile setting unit. Customer satisfaction is bound to pay off as you will be consulted and referred to again and again.


Who All Can Enroll And How Dealers And Builders Can Benefit:

  • Experienced Masons and Tilers
  • Masons interested in starting tiling jobs.
  • Tilers associated with dealers
  • Builders interested in training their Tilers

Anybody in the tile business can sponsor and nominate tillers.


Getting Set In Your Customers Mind – What the dealer/distributor gains –

  • Provide one stop solution to customer and offer a hassle free experience (Tile Selection to laying)
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Leads to customer loyalty
  • Can fetch premium price


What the builder gains:

  • Offers customers a premium quality home at the same price
  • Huge competitive advantage over other projects on aesthetics and functionality
  • Zeroing down on customer complaints