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Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

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As tiny as a bathroom may be, it does include necessities like the sink and faucet, toilet and the shower area. And while a small bathroom may seem to restrict your design options, it doesn’t have to.

If every design element is planned logically and carefully, your bathroom can be functional and beautiful in equal measure. Here are a few tips that will help you work with limited space:

Plan Your Colour Scheme


The colour palette you pick can either visually expand or contract the chosen space. Neutral colours make for a suitable base theme owing to their calming effect. For effect, use textures in the form of wall tiles.

It also helps to have both the wall and floor tiles in the same colour. Merging the two surfaces minimizes contrast and lends continuity to the space. Contrasting colours, on the other hand, tend to visually chop up the space. The lesser the contrast, the more expansive the appearance.

Opt for Glass Enclosures


Shower curtains tend to visually divide the space. By contrast, glass shower enclosures allow you to see from one end of the room to another, thus creating an extended space effect. Sliding glass doors also complement the clean, sleek aesthetic of a small bathroom.

Keep It Organized


A floating vanity not only makes a small bathroom look bigger but also provides for open storage option under it. You could either stack towels and bathrobes or store other bath and body essentials. The idea is to keep the countertop as clutter-free as possible so that you’re also left with some empty space.

Avoid Dark Areas


Ample lighting can trick the eye into seeing larger space. Avoid restricting lights to the mirror area and illuminate the corners as well. This way, you don’t create dark areas that end up making your bathroom appear much smaller. It also helps to have natural light and steer clear of dark drapes to exaggerate your bathroom’s sense of space.

Use Compact Fixtures and Sanitary Ware


To make the most of the length, mount a narrow, rectangular basin sink on the wall. Place a mirror on the rest of the wall to add height and turn it into a focal point. Alternatively, to further save on space, you could put the corner to use by installing a small ceramic sink in round shape. The trick is to keep it as simple as possible by opting for space-saving and well-proportioned features.

With its minimalist yet striking vibe, your small bathroom will make a statement with its simplicity.


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On April 24, 2017

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