Wall Tiles for Living Room – Ideas & Inspiration

When it comes to their modern homes, people generally adopt a less-is-more attitude. Clean lines with a neutral colour palette are preferred for their calming and inviting influence on the interiors. However, this sometimes lets a sense of visual monotony creep in.

One way of bringing character to an otherwise modest space is by creating a feature wall using wall tiles. Wall tiles instantly add depth and texture to a wall, thereby elevating the overall appearance of your living room.

Here are a few wall tiles design ideas for your living room to set the ball rolling:

Pattern Play

Patterned wall tiles have always ruled the décor world. Classic and vibrant, they inject a sense of personality to your living room. It’s a good idea to go for prints and patterns that tie in with other design elements of your home space. The key to getting patterned tiles right is teaming them with neutral, toned-down tiles. The living room above cleverly incorporates a pattern that is striking, yet easy on the eyes.

Monochrome Minimalism

Making a statement, and being dramatic don’t have to be mutually exclusive; and this monochromatic living room shows exactly how! Harmonising your wall tiles with the floor tiles, makes your living area look bigger. Opt for hues of white since they reflect light and accentuate the extended space effect.

Vintage Wonders

Wood-looking tiles make for a welcome contrast to modern furnishings. An ideal option for those shy of colour, wood helps infuse natural warmth and cosiness. Aside from its rustic appearance, wood-looking tiles also bring a historic, old-world charm to a contemporary space. Take a cue from this living room and further enhance your feature wall with artworks that complement its character.

Texture Touch

Digital elevation tiles can instantly add a rich, luxuriant appeal. If your living room already has a TV unit or a fireplace as a focal feature, it makes sense to treat the backdrop as an extension of the focal feature. The feature wall above, combined with neutral colours of the space, creates a cocktail of texture and visual interest, leaving behind a lasting impact.