Somany Ceramics, one of India's leading tile manufacturers, celebrated its 50 years with a special event. The event included a musical performance of the “Somany Anthem” by Indian Idol’s Pawandeep Ranjan, Arunita Kanjilal, and Shanmukha Priya. The singers serenaded the event with their angelic voices, helping everyone reminisce about Somany's ideals and ethos of "Zameen Se Judey", making the experience truly magical.
Somany's top management and officials recollected the company's founding principles in their speech and how they have guided Somany Ceramics over the past 50 years. They also thanked all of its employees, customers, and partners for their unwavering support over the years. The launch of the Zameen Se Judey anthem was a tribute to Somany Ceramics' rich history and impressive achievements.

Watch the Somany ‘Zameen se Judey’ Anthem here: Somany "Zameen Se Judey" Anthem.

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