Innovative Ideas to Design Your Home and Office

Technology has opened the door for unique and exuberant ideas for flooring offices and homes. At Somany, we guarantee you the best quality of products at affordable prices. We operate our business with the simple motto of customer centric approach with affordability. With introduction of new machinery and production techniques our products are vibrant and unique. Our products are supreme in quality and that’s why they are long lasting.

  • Choose wisely and patiently

    Nowadays, decorating our offices and homes with new ideas are easy because of introduction of contemporary techniques and designs. But, sometimes buyers are baffled when they try to choose the best products at affordable prices. Little bit of research on the type of tiling you need can later save ample time and money. In kitchen tile segment we have the large variety of products and they are durable.

  • Affordability

    Quality and price goes in parallel way, but only at Somany, we try to control prices of products by keeping the quality at par. In today’s scenario, Designing and fixing floor tiles at offices and homes is a challenging task because of shortage of time. Thus, we have a solution for that. You can mix and match different colours and patterns according to your taste. This idea is creative and you have option to choose your favourite colour along with your pocket friendly pattern.

  • Consider your Profession

    Choosing tiles is an easy task, but choosing the right pattern for your business need is little bit challenging. Before choosing tiles, a buyer should consider his profession whether he is in creative industry or more in traditional one like finance and sales.

  • Tiles come in variety of colours and patterns

    There are chances that your profession will influence your final choice. For example, choosing colourful porcelain floor tile may stimulate creative ideas and help you to be more artistic towards your business. On the other hand, a more sublime colour such as natural stone colour, limestone colour, may be better option if your role is bit more serious in your profession. Choosing neutral stone colour will surely help you to achieve sophisticated design. Let your career and personality influence your tile flooring.

  • Think about potential guest visits

    If you’re looking to design your office or home according to your first impression, then large format tile might be the best option for you. If your personality and profession is creative and you expect your design to be more vibrant, try going with a bold large format tile. This will allow your guests to feel the creative energy as soon as they enter your home or office.

We hope these ideas helped you out in choosing the right tile for the right profession and environment.