Few Tips To Revamp Your Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most used rooms, yet overlooked. Bathroom makeover is a great way of giving your home an impeccable boost. Minor changes and remodelling can make a big difference in style and function of the room. Here’s the good news: if you are not ready to undertake a complete reno right now, then these few ways can give your bath space an affordable revive.

Transform your bathroom with world of Wallpapers

Bathrooms tend to be the smaller areas in a home and a perfect space to go bold with wallpapers. It’s a great way to achieve the perfect look as it can give your outdated space, a new life, but what type you choose is the biggest question?  One can use, splash proof wallpapers designed particularly for bathrooms and kitchens. However, you can also use standard wallpapers, if the area is not right next to the bath or shower. Wallpapers certainly add character to a room and can be designed with functionality in mind.

Vanity Unit can do all the work

Another way to reinvent your bathroom is to install a vanity unit around the sink area. These units not only add an additional storage, but also gives a grandeur look to your space. However, it is important to choose the accurate size otherwise it may look fussy. If you’re opting for a larger unit, make sure there’s enough room for fitting the vanity itself and installing it. Keeping the vanity in its existing position means there won’t be additional expense needed for plumbing to reposition the sink.

Dazzle more with Lights

Change the monotonous old bulbs with trendy lamps and LED lights. Bathroom lighting adds a subtle sparkle to the whole area. Start with the streamlined light tubes over vanity for general illumination. On the other side, a crystal chandelier can be the centre of attraction with sparkling light all around, adding glamour to the old traditional space. Get lights installed that you can easily dim, and make sure you put some around the shower, tub and mirror area as well.

A sophisticated LED Mirror is all you need

Replace, behind the times mirror with something ultra-modern. This seems to be such a minor change, but it will genuinely embellish your bathroom. Hit the carpet with LED mirrors and immerse yourself in a sense of confidence with a “let’s go conquer the world” attitude. These mirrors give out a warm and soft light that will not only enhance your appearance but your inner confidence too.

Don’t forget to include any one Statement Piece

Every room needs to be an exemplar and so bathroom is not an exception. Reinventing the look of your bath space becomes easy with a magnificent sink and a classy tub. A striking statement sink with interesting shapes and finishes will give your bathroom an urbane flare. Alternatively, the tubs are available in limitless size and style. An ideal way to add oomph, the bolder shades tub can give your bathroom a personality that will never fade.

Artistic Fittings

Yes! Bathrooms can be fashionable too. Whether it be a showerhead, faucets, knobs or sanitaryware, just change the standard models with trendy designs that will certainly give your bathroom a royal look.


Never underestimate Accessories

Small finishing touches can make a big difference. This could be something as compact as a new soap dish, towel rail or a tumbler. They are not only capable of fuelling the bath decor, but also turn it into the most comfortable and functional room.

A bathroom is an impression of your personality, and thus renovating a bathroom is an investment well worth the time, money and passion.