A Beginner’s Guide in Choosing the Right Tiles and Creating Beautiful Homes

Having a home that everybody is jealous of is every owner’s dream. However a lot of effort and dedication is needed to creating a beautiful and stylish home. Nowadays, people are switching over to tiles instead of marbles while decorating homes. Tile is a fantastic flooring choice and can be practically used in any kind of rooms. It not only looks clean and elegant but is easily maintainable too.

Benefits of Tiles: People may ponder over the comparison of tiles and marbles. However, if you are looking for cost effective and durable shine to your home then tiles are the right choice for you.

  1. Tile flooring increases the resale value of a house because of its sheen and timeless appeal.
  2. Glazed tiles’ beauty lasts for a long time. Floor tiles require less maintenance unless something is spilled over and is easy to clean too.
  3. Floor tilesare non-toxic and thereby good for people suffering from allergies.
  4. Because of their anti-bacterial properties, tiles especially vinyl tiles help in retaining heat during winters thereby cutting electricity costs.

Installation of tiles: Installation of tiles is very easy. However, careful selection is to be made while choosing the right tiles. Home is a reflection of your personality. Likewise, choosing of tiles will reflect your personality and a particular theme that you want for your home.

Choosing the right tiles: Nowadays, there are tiles of varied shape, texture, colour and designs. The market is flooded with floor tiles and wall tiles.

Tile manufacturing companies have come up with a range of different tiles for every segment. Although tiles can be used anywhere, there are specific tiles too for kitchen, bathroom, garden area and swimming pool.

  1. First, decide where you want to fit the tiles. For example glass tiles are not an ideal choice to put up in kitchen area. Likewise, bathroom and pool area requires anti-slippage tiles. Somany Ceramics offer such kind of anti-slippage tiles which are an ideal choice to prevent accidents.
  2. Choosing the right size of tile is also important. If they are too small then it will give the appearance of a chessboard look and if it is too large then it will look cluttered.
  3. If you are looking for cost effective tiles with long durability then ceramic tiles are the ideal choice. Ceramic tiles come in variety of shape and finishes and can easily spring up your room as they are available in many colours too.

If properly installed then floor tiles go a long way. Nowadays instead of painting the walls, people are going for wall tiles too. Wall tiles give an elegant and stylish touch. Unlike paints, wall tiles retain their gloss and shine.

Go for tile flooring if you are looking for cost-effective purchase and at the same time want to retain a glossy touch.