Tiles for Every Personality: The Arty

If you identify yourself as an artist, then the one thing that we can instantly agree upon is how much you seek true beauty and aesthetic appeal in almost everything. Right from the clothes you wear, to the things you own, to the places you visit, everything you do is laden with meaning and brilliance. Eventually, this unique taste for art often manifests itself in the way you decorate your home and construct your living spaces as well.

This is where modern-day tiles, especially the ones crafted for your specific personality, can play a significant role in helping you create the ideal environment to nurture and stimulate your creativity. The Arty personality always has a keen eye for tiles which instantly elevate the beauty of the space. Another unique characteristic of the Arty personality is his or her meticulousness or love for intricate details. Wondering which tiles will go well with your knack for aesthetics? Let’s find out:

Duragres Planks – For a dash of colour

The Arty personality often seeks for colour and hues in their life and imagination. Add that to their love for wood and earthy textures, and we have the Duragres Planks. These faux wood tiles are simply perfect for the artistic kind, and offer great scratch and wear resistance, along with a wide range of colours and designs for you to choose from. These tiles have a calming effect on people, and go well with the extraordinary imagination which The Arty personality is blessed with.

Duragres GVT – For walls and floors that inspire

The Arty personality always seeks inspiration from his or her surroundings, which is why he or she must invest in an artistic wall and floor tiles design that speaks of splendour and evokes the imagination. The Duragres Full Body Glazed Vitrified range of tiles offer precisely that. Durable and non-abrasive, these tiles offer a stunning finish to interiors and are very easy to maintain.

With two great options to choose from, The Arty personalities can build a house of their imagination, and use it as a canvas to hone their craft.