Somany – Leading the Industry in Design and Innovation

From Implementing the newest in technological brilliance and pioneering several first steps in design and style, to  a stead fast practice of lateral thoughts and trend-setting tenets, Somany Ceramics determined pursuit of excellence has planned the brand in an illustrious bracket.

As one of the Leaders of the Indian Ceramic Industry, Somany has always pushed the boundaries of contemporary technology. Their focus on upholding the highest standards has helped Somany fulfill consumer requirements with products that are truly ahead of the competition. Continuing the tradition, Somany has represented the latest products of its intensive research, VC and slip-shields tiles. the revolutionary VC technology solves a very common issues with tiled surfaces, which is abrasion upon long-term use. It shields the tile against  weathering – wear and tear, stains and scratches, keeping it fresh and new as ever. This patented technology is designed to make the floor’s sheen remain intact for a lifetime. These tiles are available in silky matt finishes to bring absolute perfection in terms of beauty. The slip-shields have no limitation in terms of production of designs and come in various colours. their co-efficient of friction is high enough even in wet condition to avoid slippage. Also ,these tiles do not allow dirt to accumulate on the surface.

Balancing true functionality with brilliant aesthetics, these tiles give the floor a lifelong durability. With these unique and high quality, Somany has further reinforced its status as an industry leader in design and innovation.