Pros and Cons of Wooden Flooring vs Wooden Tiles

The grandeur, opulence, raw nature of wood, bears the capacity to uplift your senses through its rich and organic characteristics. Wooden floors are the best way to achieve that touch of lavishness in your home, but wood is high maintenance. Now you no longer need to use pure hardwood, modern tile designs in India can emulate the texture of wood with remarkable ease. With this growing trend of wood, here are a few reasons why wooden tiles are a preferable option to wooden flooring:

Wooden Flooring

A major drawback of natural wood is its vulnerability to damages like, scratches, cracks, and dents. Seasonal changes affect wood to expand or contract making it difficult to maintain. Hardwood requires refinishing and regular cleaning. Apart from maintenance, wooden flooring cannot be installed in spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms and entryways. An accumulation of these factors is cumbersome.

Wooden Tiles

In addition to their longevity, tiles are extremely easy to maintain. You can use any cleaning product and method on tiles. In the unlikely circumstance of these durable wooden tiles getting damaged, you can easily replace one single tile and not your entire flooring.

The biggest advantage, of using wooden tiles is the magnificence of wood without the effort and expenditure, making tile flooring the epitome of versatility. They are built for all kinds of climatic conditions and can last longer than wooden flooring.

While installing wooden tiles in your home, be sure to select stunningly authentic wooden tile designs. Somany Ceramics offer the best floor tiles in India. With a large catalogue of floor tiles they have brought the stunning natural appeal of wood to life. So, keep in mind what suits your need and spread the beauty of wood in every corner of your home.