Today’s safety-conscious environment necessitates us to go touch-free and contactless as much as possible. Thanks to the advancements in technology, that has helped us remain protected significantly. Since touch-free technology is high in demand everywhere due to hygiene concerns, our homes, especially bathrooms and kitchens, are no exception. These areas in our homes are most susceptible to the growth of bacteria and germs.

Sensor taps or automatic taps are one solution that guarantees health and safety in our homes. It is time that you should seriously think about replacing the manual faucets with sensor faucets. And if you are already planning to replace them, here are some pointers that you must consider to make an informed decision- have a look!

POINT 1 - Faucet Type & Usage
While replacing the manual faucet with sensor one, it is essential to consider the location and overall usage. It depends whether you are installing the faucet at home or public places.

  • If you are using the faucet for public place, then consider using low to mid-height faucets; for example, the ones that have a flow rate of 0.5 GPM, with a 30-second timeout.
  • If the faucet is for private places, then Swanneck versions with higher flow speeds, line flush and laminar sprays are best.

POINT 2 - Power Source
Touchless faucets run either on battery, solar energy, or on the A/C power supply. But the most popular ones are operated by the batteries. For every touchless faucet, the batteries last more than two years, so you don't have to think about replacing them often. That’s why it is suggested to install faucets that run on batteries as they are best for retrofits or where hard-wired installations are not possible.

POINT 3 - Sensor Timing & Behaviour
The operating concept of a sensor faucet is that it can only work as the user reaches the proximity range and shuts off immediately when the user leaves the sensor field. It means when you are near the sensing zone; then the faucet will automatically turn on with a reaction time of 1 second. As soon as you step back from the sensing zone, it automatically turns off. This way, you can save both water and energy at your home that too without coming into contact with germs.

Point 4 - Flow Rate & Spray Type
Apart from all the points, the flow rate and spray type of the faucets also holds great importance. Consider buying the faucets that have a flow rate of 0.35 GPM to 2.2 GPM.

Especially when you are using a touchless faucet at home, you need to choose the faucet that has a medium flow rate in order to avoid wastage of water.

Decide on a budget before you replace manual faucets with the touchless ones. This way, you can save yourself from buying a touchless faucet that you can't afford. Planning ahead will save you from facing issues in the future.

Also, keeping the aforementioned points in mind before buying a touchless faucet could be of great help. In case you don't have an idea about what faucet to buy or which is the best brand, then consider buying kitchen faucet from Somany Ceramics . We have an extensive range of unique products at affordable prices that are best suited for you. Choose Somany Ceramics today for a better tomorrow.