In recent years, technology has spread its wings in every industry. Touch and touchless technology are making our homes smart and lives convenient. Just like other equipment in our homes, faucets have gone a long way and the new touchless faucets are introduced now.

The touchless or sensor faucets have earned a decent reputation over the years. You can find them almost anywhere, from restaurants & airports to malls & luxury homes as they lend an aura of modernity. But, still a lot of people have some misconceptions that keep on revolving around their mind.

If you too fall into the same category, then do not miss reading this blog. We have compiled a list of myths about these faucets that are doing rounds. So without any further ado, let’s get started…

MYTH 1 - Touchless Faucets Are Difficult to Install

You may find installing the faucets tricky. But, this is not the case, since the equipment comes with a set of directions and an installation manual of course. Plus, there are many videos over the internet that will help you to do a job. However, if you still feel hesitant, you can always call a plumber. Or else, buy touchless faucets from renowned manufacturers like us and our experts will do the complete work for you.

MYTH 2 - Touchless Faucets Are Really Expensive

The second and the most common myth that the majority of the people have, i.e., sensor faucets are way expensive. Smart faucets come in a wide range of prices. You can choose the one that fits your budget. Plus, the money you will save by conserving water will pay for itself after a short while.

MYTH 3 - Touchless Faucets Require Frequent Battery Change

Generally, a smart touchless faucet includes lithium batteries, which release power evenly and enable longer battery lifetime. On an average, a touchless faucet battery lasts for a maximum of 3 to 5 years. This is equivalent to 200000 opening cycles. All you need to keep a check on is, use good batteries.

MYTH 4 - Touchless Faucets Have Malfunctions with Sensors

The sensor-patented PSD technology always ensures that the faucet responds precisely to your hand movements. The faucet’s sensor immediately senses the hands' location accurately and starts working. And you can also adjust the sensitivity of sensors if you are buying a quality touchless faucet.

MYTH 5 - Touchless Faucets Temperature Is Difficult to Adjust

Most of the people think that they cannot control the temperature of touchless faucets, but it is not the case. Undoubtedly, there are multiple touchless models available without temperature control but there are the ones that comes with temperature control feature. It is important that while buying the faucet, you check the features properly.

Wrapping Up!!!

Now that the myths are debunked, so it’s high time to buy these. And if you have anything else, share it with us. You can visit any nearest Somany Ceramics dealer and buy the modern bathroom faucets or kitchen faucets and make your home completely hygienic and a better one.