1. A Complete Guide to Choosing Tile for your Living Room

    Living Room Tiles

    Tiles are an integral part of a home, and when choosing which tiles to put in your living room, you should consider many factors. One of the most important decisions is whether to choose a tile that is for indoor or outdoor use, as different tiles will be better suited for different environments. Other considerations include cost, texture, and color. This article will guide you through finding the right wall tiles for living room and floor tiles!

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  2. “Which are the best wall tiles for living room?”

    Somany Living Room Wall Tiles

    Tiles are a beautiful way to add personality and style to the walls in any room in modern Indian houses.

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  3. These were the hottest living room wall tile designs in 2021

    These were the hottest living room wall tile designs in 2021

    Before 2021 comes to an end, we will highlight all the hottest living room wall tile designs this year that you can even use in styling your home in 2022.

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  4. Checklist for choosing tiles for your home

    Checklist for choosing tiles for your home

    There are far more efficient and cost-friendly options while choosing Tiles for your Home. Check out these pointers to keep in mind while choosing tiles for your House. 

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  5. Tiles for Every Personality: The Arty

    If you identify yourself as an artist, then the one thing that we can instantly agree upon is how much you seek true beauty and aesthetic appeal in almost everything.

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  6. Tiles of the Future

    Thanks to their eco friendly quotient, ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles are a preferred option for floors and walls.

    The ceramic tile industry, as a product segment, has grown to a sizeable chunk today. The key driver for this industry is the boom in the housing sector, with government policies fuelling this growth at an exponential rate. “Ceramic flooring products are produced with clay.

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