Ever envisioned a collection of bath fittings so exquisite that you need to design the bathroom to suit it? Somany Bathware brings to you its latest range, the “French Collection”. Opulence, luxury, sophistication, and elegance are synonymous with this range. Let’s take you through each of these specially designed ranges to help you design your new bathroom space.

An Odyssey with Odette

Technical sophistication & intricate designs come together in this series of the French Collection. The rich silver of Odette gives the flexibility to play around with various other tones in the bathroom space. The Odette range is extremely versatile and can be fitted in almost any space – be it white, blue, black or even other bright shades.


Posh Prada

The marriage of the dark black tones with the champagne highlights of the Prada series from the French Collection represents richness and opulence. These fittings can be used in bathrooms that have tones of greys, marbled whites or even subtle shades of champagne.

Classic Chanel

Reminiscent of royalty, the Chanel range is bound to leave an impression. The bright golden hues contrast extremely well with monochromatic spaces. These flamboyant designs denote superiority & are of top-most quality, much like its namesake.

All About that Jazz

Made to complement every space, the Jazz ranges of fittings have a minimalistic design and are inspired by the flow of water. Some of these fittings also come with a chrome finish.

Viva La Vida

The Vida collection, much like its name, brings life to bathroom spaces. The neo-tech faucets from this collection make using water an experience to look forward to. In mixed tones of silver and black, the Vida collection is bold, contemporary and arresting in its presence. Best used in spaces with darker tones like grey & black, these fittings can be used in traditional as well as modern bathroom spaces.

The Eiffel Affair

Angular & unique in its design, the Eiffel range of fittings stands out best in darker spaces. The rustic silver look allows infinite options to personalize the bathroom space.  Contrast these beauties against greys, blacks and monochromes and voila… a bathroom space you wouldn’t want to leave!

Nouveau et Nice

Comfort and class – two words that embody fittings from the Nice series. Owing to its futuristic round-edged design, be ready to be bowled over by the complete effortless dance of water with these fittings.

Rendezvous with Renee

A modern blend of flat planes and curves, the Renee fittings was made to please. Denoting ease, tranquility, and extravagance, Somany Ceramics brings together style and function with this series of The French Collection. Perfectly paired in bathrooms with wooden designs, Renee adds a stately appeal with maximum brilliance.

The French Collection also includes LED mirrors & other accessories like holders, towel rings, etc.