Real Homes: Some of Our Fav Tiles Inspirations

What not we do to give the best touch to our homes? From the construction materials to the interior design & the best tiles for home, we try to choose everything to perfection. Hiring and purchasing the best of the best is what our eyes always search for.

But, this is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are also the one, then fret not. Here are some ideas of designs and styles for so many tiles. These tiles are differently patterned and will surely steal your heart.

Tile it up in style

In this blog, we are going to bring forth the most extravagant and exquisite ideas in tiles. These will become the cynosure of everyone’s eyes since they are a complete beauty to behold.

The installation of these tiles will revamp the look of any room in your home.  Be it your bedroom or drawing room or bathroom; they will simply add a glint and gleam to all!

1. Smart and sassy

If you are one of those who want a little over-the-top look in everything, then here you are. The oxide-finish floor tiles can be paired up with the most pompous-looking glasswork silver leaf tiles or with any other floral patterns. Let the glory shine on the tiles as you delve in the utmost visual pleasures.

Real Homes: Some of Our Fav Tiles Inspirations

2. All for drama

Let your home be the place for all the interior drama when it comes to bold-coloured tiles. Wall and floor tiles that come in bright colours can be combined well with some mellow shades. So, just gear up for some drama in the household décor and bask in the glory of the extravagance.

3. Brilliant blacks

Black tiles would particularly suit the bathrooms the best. Owing to their dark shade, they run the least chances of catching stains; thus, reducing the tedious work of cleaning and maintaining them regularly. Draw inspiration from these black beauties since they can, at the same time, be mixed and matched with metallic-finish tiles to complete the formal look.

4. Sleek and stylish

Fond of the perfect modern tilework? Then you must style up your home with the long and sleek tiles that not only break the monotony of the square-shaped ones but also happen to make the place look spacious. Yes, these will be your best friend when it comes to smaller floor areas, and you can just give the onlooker the optical illusion of a space that is broad enough.

5. Glaze an’ glitz

Barring the matte finished tiles, all others will give the perfect shine and glitz to the room. You may choose from any colour or shade as per your fondness and will be amazed at the aura that these tiles are capable of creating. Particularly, the ones with metallic finish give a strong yet grand look, with extra icing, i.e. all the glaze that you want.

So, do not wait any longer and bag these stylish and worthy tiles to decorate the walls and floors of your home. A little investment will take you a long way since these are incredibly sturdy, durable and tenacious. With a never-ending style range of the best tiles for home (, Somany has something for every unique need. These are affordable and are priced as per their looks and sizes.

You need not worry about the quality of each of the tiles because all the products created and manufactured by Somany come with a guarantee and uncompromising quality. Giving a grand look to your dear haven of dreams is now within your grip.