Know the exclusive features of Somany Water Heaters!

Somany Ceramics have always been a pacesetter in design and innovation in the tiles and bath-ware category with a continual endeavour of serving the best to its customers. Since inception, we have been unfolding new product categories with vast knowledge and prowess. The company makes a nod to its heritage with the creation of high-toned Water Heaters.

Somany Water heaters are compact and premium in design that brings ‘art’ to your bathing space. Our heaters inner tank is made from super cold rolled steel with an extra thick layer of Blue sapphire enamel coating which makes it more durable and corrosion-resistant. The heating element is protected with Triple-Shield-Technology (Made of Incology 800 element and Resistor mg anode rod) which helps to defend corrosion to its best. Its Whirl flow Technology ensures that the stream of hot water will not experience any disturbance. This is the primary reason why it will allow you to conserve a high amount of extra energy to lessen your electricity bills. In our heaters, the foam (PUF) is injected uniformly between two layers with zero gaps to avoid loss of heat which keeps water hot for a longer period of time. The PUF insulation in our water heaters is CFC Free which means it is environment-friendly as well.


With tough rust-proof and IPX4 rated splash-proof body, it meets all high standards of quality and safety. Also, our water heaters can withstand pressure up to 8 bars, which makes this the perfect match for your high-rise apartment. The feature of the thermal cut-out is integrated into the body of equipment to protect against overheating. The safety valve is designed to automatically relieve pressure, performing 5 key functions i.e. Pressure Release Function, Non-Return Function, Drain Function, Expansion Function, and Vacuum Release Function.


A 5 -star rated product which means that the energy consumption is less with more savings. Our Water heaters are ISI Certified with 8 years of warranty on Inner Tank, 4 years warranty on heating element and 2 years comprehensive warranty on the whole product. You have the widest range of options to choose from, as per your need and convenience. These include Elise (6,10, 15, 25 Ltr) and Picardy (10,15,25, 35,50 Ltr). Apart from these well-structured heaters, we have Elise-Insta (3 Ltr), which is specially designed for multi-usage for kitchen and bathrooms.


When sophistication meets precision, it’s truly a Somany Style!