In the Kids Room

A pro-tip will be to use bright colored tiles & add in tiles with bird motifs or those of nature to keep the child’s curiosity alive. The environment a child is brought up in is said to have an immense impact on the child’s temperament. Luckily, SOMANY has a wide range of ceramic tiles to choose from. Also, make sure to leave a part of the wall for a drawing board to encourage the Crayola in your little one.

Kids Room Tiles

Along the Tub Walls

Tub Wall TIles

Who doesn’t love to go back home to a warm unwinding shower? The bathroom is a space of cleansing – physically and mentally. To accentuate this, use warm tones of tiles along the tub bath wall. And if you feel experimental, line the walls of the tub itself with some Aztec print wall tiles.

Along with the steps of the staircase

Stair Tiles

Create an absolutely quirky mood by jazzing up your steps. You can go with multiple types of tiles and mix & match them at every level. These are an instant hit in terms of wowing guests. If the room is already colorful, go with monotone stair tiles, or else put your most artistic foot forward!

In the kitchen

Kitchen Tiles

Create a separate mood in your kitchen for your kids cooking station or for the baking section where all the ‘fun’ cooking happens. Break the monotony of the rest of the kitchen by adding a splash of color. Make sure to match your kitchen tiles with the color of the cabinets. Another tip would be to tile the table beneath the table top.

Tile Planters

Use tiles to create planters. These take under 10 minutes to make & add so much zing to the look of the house. Line these along the hall, the bathroom or the courtyard and you have a pop of brightness in the house.

There are plenty of ways you can play around with tiles. Drop by our tile showrooms for some expert tips & watch this space for more.