Things to consider while choosing the perfect bathroom tiles

Things to consider while choosing the perfect bathroom tiles

Sometimes the smallest decision can alter a huge deal in your house and your life. Now the question comes, how do I know what tile will be perfect for my bathroom? Are these the ones which just look pretty? And the most important question does higher the price, better the quality equation really work?

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is planning. Yes, it’s as boring as it can be but planning can get you a long way. Know your space well. Understand the space, how much decorative you want it to be and what equipments can go where. A mind map sets everything in position

Using big and dark coloured tiles can give an impression of a small and dingy bathroom. Although this is not the case every time, dark tiles do bring out a classy and glamorous look. On the other and, using smaller and lighter tone tiles can make the space look a lot bigger and spacious and it has always been the less risky choice. Tiles are either ceramic or natural and there is a lot of option that we can think of in these categories. While natural tiles are tougher and natural looking, they are expensive and sometimes require frequent attention.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles are manmade but offer a mind boggling amount of choices to choose from. There is practically a tile for almost every need. With a huge array of options to choose from, you can create patterns or designs on the walls, around the tub, in the shower or the back splashes. Also, unglazed ceramic tiles are a good option to choose from as they are slip resistant due to their quality of matte finish and rugged surface.

Tiling can be very easy with the right thinking and correct buy and that is exactly what Somary Ceramics offer. Happy tilling!